Solo Outing.

It might sound crazy, but I haven't left the house in 8 weeks with just me and my baby. I'm sure all of you seasoned mamas think I'm silly, but I just haven't had to. Sean has been around so much that I just haven't felt like putting myself through the stress of getting out with Sid on my own. And not only that, I am really used to being home a lot so I haven't felt too antsy to get out. Today really was no different, but I was feeling like it might be time for me to venture out for a quick trip with Sid. 

When he woke up from his nap at 12:30, I fed him and then got our stuff together to head to Target. I needed to get a wedding gift for Adam who is coming to visit us this weekend! Target isn't too far away and I thought it would be easy! Sean watched Sid while I shoveled lunch and got dressed.

Side note: I have never eaten so fast in my life than I have since Sid has been born! Not a habit I enjoy, but you do what you gotta do, right? 

I got Sid buckled into the car seat and Sean carried him out the front door while I backed the car out of the garage. I have gotten the car seat out of the car many times by myself, but never have I ever put it in the car by myself. I kiss Sean goodbye and then I worked on placing the seat in the base. It was a total disaster! I got it placed on the base just fine, but didn't realize how much muscle I needed to hold onto it with! It literally SLAMMED down into the base so hard I about gave myself a heart attack! Not to mention what I've just done to my precious baby inside! While I was busy trying to catch my breath I flipped up the car seat cover to make sure Sid was ok. He was perfectly fine, happy as could be. I on the other hand was totally freaking out over what I had just put him through. Can we just take a moment to realize we haven't even pulled out of the driveway yet?! OH my. 

Off we go! The 10 minuets in the car was easy. I put on our favorite Pandora station and sang along. I could hear his little feet squirming a little, which gave me comfort because I knew he was ok. We can't put a mirror in our car so I have no way of seeing him. 

I had been very strategic in planning our outing. I knew I was going to park towards the back of the parking lot and next to a buggy drop off. This way I could easily get a buggy to put the car seat in without having to lug it all the way inside! I also wanted to make sure I was in the way back of the parking lot because I wasn't sure how fumbly I'd be getting in and out. I wanted to be a little secluded so I could be the one laughing, not the passerby's. This all worked out perfect. Sid was still awake, and happy.

The aisle I needed was all the way in the back of the store. We went straight to what I needed. It took me a minute to get it all sorted out and about this time, I could feel his patience started to dwindle. (Why was he even still awake?! Normally he just sleeps when we take him out!). I get what I needed and off we go towards the checkout, only stopping by the women's clothes for a brief second. Maybe I was pressing my luck at this point, but keep in mind this has only been a total of 10 minutes inside. 

The second I rolled into the clothes section the wailing began! And it didn't stop, but I had spotted a cute top that I wanted! I stopped and dug the paci out of the diaper bag. No such luck! He kept spitting it out and getting more mad. I threw the top in the shopping cart and to the checkout we went. 

Go figure. Only 3 aisles open and all of which had lines. There was a nice looking lady at a checkout and she was just finishing up with a customer, but her light wasn't on. I made eye contact with her and asked her with a desperate look if she was still open (knowing she wasn't). She said, "Sure, come on I'll take you." I thanked her so much because I was going to probably abort mission had I of had to wait in the other lines. I told her it was our first outing out together and of course he decided to start screaming! I told her we've been out as a family of 3 plenty of times and he does great! She told me not to worry and it happens all the time. I sort of felt better, but I also was just ready to get out of there!!!

By the time we got outside, Sid was perfectly content again. Go figure. I got him loaded up (much more gracefully this time) and we were headed back home! I called Sean to tell him how awful it was and that I was never going anywhere with him alone again (I'm dramatic - what can I say - I don't really mean it!). 

I couldn't help but feel a little discouraged after this. I just couldn't believe he wasn't chill! Just before we got home, a special song came on Pandora. Bob Marley, Three Little Birds. It was a sign. My dad was with us and watching over us the whole time. This was the song we sang at his funeral. It will always remind me of him. 

Don't worry, about a thing. 'Cause every little thing, is gonna be alright.  ~Bob Marley

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Linda said...

Your dad is always right by your side and I am sure he was proud of your effort! You are a good Mommy!