Sid's First Road Trip!

Grammy was here with us over the 4th of July weekend! She had planned on heading back to Arkansas earrrrrrly Monday morning. On Saturday afternoon, Sean and I were sitting in the nursery while I was feeding Sid and I just randomly looked at Sean and said, "Hey wanna go to Arkansas?", to which he replied, "When?", "Tomorrow?", I said. He usually looks at me like I'm crazy when I come up with these spontaneous ideas - thinking my mom and I have been scheming something up! We are known for trying to figure out a way to squeeze in just a feeeew more days together, pretty much every time we are together :) Especially now that her grandson is involved! He just needed to check his schedule to make sure he didn't have anything going on with work before he fully committed, but he knows once he gives me an almost yes, my bags are packed - and unless he wants one disappointed wifey, his better be too, ha!

By late Saturday afternoon we devised our plan. Sid and I were going to hitch a ride with Grammy and Louis up to Arkansas and Sean was going to meet us on the mountain on Wednesday! Yippee!!! I was instantly exhausted thinking about everything I needed get packed. It wasn't just about packing what I needed anymore. I had a little one to pack for, too! 

This doesn't include my stuff, yikes!

Sid was a total CHAMP in the car! It only took us an extra hour to get there. We left on Sunday after his 9AM feeding. We had to stop twice to nurse him on the way, and only one other time under a nice shady oak tree to walk around with him because he was tired of that darn carseat. I can't blame him!

Sid loved being on the mountain! His favorite thing was when Grammy would rock him in her white rocker on her front porch in the evenings when he would get fussy!

My mom would go to work every morning from 8-12, and Sid and I would hang out at the house. We did a lot of tummy time on Grammy's bed. He loved her room because of the big windows and natural light in there!

Stare-off contest

It was a good week for me to have my mom there. Sid was extra fussy, almost the entire week. Apparently, around week 5 babies go through a really gassy period because their digestive tracks are developing. Poor little guy had some serious tummy issues. Thankfully they make a thing called gripe water, and we definitely used it! 

Sid took a lot of naps on his tummy. He loves sleeping on his belly. We only let him do this when we are close by, but our little man is so strong, we aren't too worried!

I think Grammy was the receiver of his first smile! 
Happy baby in the morning :)
Louis trying to get attention by bringing crab apples in from outside, ha!
Hanging out, watching TV!
Grammy's new norm! I think she also had a computer in her lap, too! HA! That's talent!

Sid slept GREAT the entire week. He was a bit of a binge eater in the evenings, but this allowed him to sleep for 6 hour stretches at night. HELLO AWESOMENESS! 

Daddy showed up on Wednesday, yay! We missed him a lot, and I think the feeling was mutual :) We sent him lots of pictures on the days he wasn't with us. 

On Saturday, we put together a little Sip and See for all of our friends in Arkansas. It was a last minute decision. I was nervous because of his fussiness, and eating frenzy, how it would work with company, but Sid was a trooper! He slept the entire time in different peoples arms as he was passed around. Thanks, Grammy for the fun little party! We ordered cupcakes with his initials on them, cut up some watermelon, and made sausage balls. We also had mimosas. 

Pictures of Sid
Showing off his Feltman Brothers outfit Grammy bought him :)
Just before he fell asleep in my arms
Loved him in this little outfit!
The spread!
Janie getting to hold Mr. Sid
Perfection :)
Other than trying to keep the baby happy, cooking dinner, and resting ourselves, our time on the mountain was pretty chill. Just the way we like it! Sean was able to get some things around the house done, which is always nice. I know my mom appreciates his help, and it makes us feel good that he can help out when he is there. 

Here are a few more photos of our time on the mountain :)

Sunday morning breakfast! Dutch Baby with peaches, and scrambled eggs!
Louis bringing Sid his paci, ha! (KIDDING!)

One day we watched cooking shows all day! Ina inspired us to make not only delicious burgers with sweet potato fries, but we also made her salted caramel ice cream. Oh yes. We did! And I'd do it again, right now. It was sooooooooooo so rich good!

Making the custard
I love his serious faces!
Happy boy!
The magic touch :)
Who doesn't love baby feet!

We drove home on Tuesday. We hit the road after Sid's 5:30 morning feed. It was early, but it was nice to have our afternoon at home before he got too fussy. Sid was a trooper again in the car! Let's hear it for the boy (anyone else singing Madonna now?)!  

I kept peeking through the carseat cover to see if he was asleep yet.
Home sweet home :)
Thanks for the week on the mountain, Grammy! We can't wait to do it again! But remember, our door is always open :)

We will head back to the mountain for Labor Day, and Sid will get to meet his cousin Yasha for the first time! I'm not sure who is more excited :)

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