A few special family members and friends were able to see Sid before his first 2 weeks of life had passed. Sean and I have been very careful about too many visitors, as Sid hasn't had his shots yet, and...well, because I'm just a paranoid germophobe!

Aunt Jenn came to visit, and it couldn't have come at a better time! Sean had to leave for a few hours for work, and Grammy was back on her mountain. I was still not fully comfortable with the baby on my own yet due to my inability to be super mobile from labor. She came over to meet Sid and help me :)

Aunt Kelly came one Saturday and brought us a yummy lunch! I remember when her twins were born and wondering how she would ever manage two at a time! 

Cousin Claire and Aunt Jennifer came over to see Sidney again because they didn't get their fill when they visited us at the hospital :)

Uncle Jim and Aunt Suzanne came from Shreveport to meet Sid! Adam and Christy got married on June 14, so we were able to all watch it together from our living room. It was a live stream straight from Vegas! It was cool to have them here!!

Shawn travels from his home in DC to Austin quite a bit. He was able to swing through DFW for a few hours to come meet his first nephew! Grammy was in town also, so he got to not only meet Sid, but also got to hug his sister and Mama, too :)

And his wife, Anastasia (Aunty A), gets to come to Dallas every so often for work also! So she was able to meet Sid the following week!! Don't they look cute in all their stripes :)

Maya is a new friend! I met her at my prenatal yoga class! We became instant friends! She was due just a month after me! We now know she has welcomed her baby BOY (it was a surprise!) into the world! I am so excited about our friendship and future play dates! She came over and brought us some earth friendly diapers to try :) Thanks, Maya!

Aaron and Katie came in town from Florida for Katie's baby shower! She is due with a baby girl in September! They brought lunch over one day and had a nice visit! I gave Katie all my tips I've learned so far :)

There is still a line of folks waiting to meet that cutie of ours! Uncle Adam and Aunt Christy are trying to get here, but life has just been crazy! 

We are so thankful for all these friends and family members who have made time to come meet Sid. He is so special to us and we love getting to show him off!

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