Dallas Arboretum

My friend, Maya, has a membership to the Dallas Arboretum. She invited a few friends to join her for free with her membership! So nice of her. We had been planning this day for weeks. And every day we tried to go, the weather would end up crazy and we would have to cancel. This past week it was finally perfect weather for us to go. We had such a fun afternoon just being outside.

I was really worried we were going to let this fall get past us with no pumpkin pictures for Sid. That made me a little sad. It was his first fall after all ;)

This next picture freaks me out because I think he looks like a preschooler! But he sure is a handsome fella, isn't he?

Sid got to ride around in his stroller like a big boy! I thought about wearing him in the ergo, but I think he liked being able to look around at what was going on better.

After pumpkin pictures and a little strolling around, we found a nice shady grassy area to take a rest. When I first laid Sid down on the blanket under the trees, it was pure joy in his eyes. It seriously melted my heart. Just seeing the simplest things make him so happy. Melt.

Can't you just see that sparkle in his eyes? He was so happy to be there.

I joined him on the ground for a minute to allow myself the chance to see the world through his eyes. Definitely a different perspective!

Meet Sidney's first girlfriend, Audrey (8mo). This little girl belongs to Maya's friend, Pippin. Her husband works with Maya's husband. She lives close to the Arboretum and Maya invited her to come along. I was glad she did. I really like Audrey and her mommy, too :) Pippin is an earth mama, so we had lots in common!

We all brought a few snacks along. We just relaxed with our babies and took lots of photos (clearly!). The best part was when all 4 babies got hungry. We each sat around with our nursing covers and nursed them right then and there. We couldn't help but laugh at the scene we had created. 

I love my little pumpkin pie! He was seriously the happiest baby ever! He never once made a fuss.

He did start to get sleepy after a few hours. He and Audrey were the only babies that didn't nap while there. By 2:30, I was feeling like we needed to hit the road to head back west. I knew he needed a nap and would fall asleep in the car on the way home. And selfishly I was determined to beat the rush hour traffic. 

Before packing up, I was able to set my new camera up on the stroller for a group photo! So happy I did, because I think it turned out so cute!

Me + Sid (5mo)...Pippin + Audrey (8mo)...Maya + Ascher (4mo)...Lauren + Conway (4mo)

Sid fell asleep in the car before we even got out of the parking lot! Sweet little guy. He did great until we got near the airport and all of a sudden he woke up screaming bloody murder! He does this sometimes when he falls asleep really hard. He settled down though without me having to pull over and we made it home safely and before the terrible traffic!

Happy day had by all ;)

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