Grammy Returns!

Last weekend, Grammy and Louis made a quick trip to our house! Sean and I had plans to go out on Friday night (for the first time - alone - together, since Sid was brought into this world!) and LSU was playing Bama! I tried to convince her to stay home since she could only come for 2 nights this time, but have you ever tried to tell a Grammy no when it involves her grandson? Well, take it from me - it doesn't work, so just don't try!

Anxiously awaiting Grammy's arrival!

She got in town Friday night with just enough time for Sean and I to jump in the car & head to Dallas for our friend's surprise birthday party! We did our usual routine with Sid that evening. Bath at 6, bed by 6:30. Every night, it's the same routine. Splish-splash in the bath with daddy, scream on the changing table for mommy, relax in the glider while nursing, then quietly going down in his crib and then drifting off to sleep. Every. Single. Night. Last Friday though, Sid had other plans.

He didn't want to lay quietly in his crib. He didn't want to peacefully nurse. He decided to scream his head off - and I mean scream - real tears - the works! Until nearly 8pm, when Sean decided to pull out the old trick that worked for us every time when he was a newborn - the birthing ball! Finally- just shortly after 8 o'clock, our poor little red faced baby was sleeping peacefully!

Did I mention we were supposed to be in Dallas by 8:15? Clearly that was off the table. We were worn out from the fiasco. We didn't have it in us to drive an hour to get there when we had already missed the surprise. We could have left and let Grammy handle him, and I know she could have, but I was afraid I was going to have to nurse him to calm him down again so I was scared to leave!

Once he was asleep and I knew nursing wasn't in his cards, Grammy convinced us to at least go grab some dinner somewhere. So that we did, and it felt good! We went to our Cheers bar and I had my usual, pre-pregnancy, skinny margarita! And we split some nachos :)

The next morning, my mom promised to cook us biscuits and gravy! Unfortunately, I bought the wrong kind of Bisquick and the biscuits didn't turn out that great, but if you smothered enough gravy on top, they were perfect :)

The weather over the weekend was wonderful! We enjoyed a lot of time on the patio. Grammy got to rock Sidney in the rocker, which they both love, a whole lot :) And Louis enjoyed running around, only he isn't used to a small fenced in yard. So it didn't take him long to get bored. He never runs out of things to chase in his yard back home. 

Busted! We ate Cane's for lunch on Saturday (yes, after eating biscuits and gravy {and sausage} earlier that morning). But you see, it was game day! And LSU was playing Bama - as in NICK SABAN's team!!! Cane's originated in Baton Rouge, and everyone always eats it at their tailgates when you go to Death Valley. So - it was only fitting :/

This boy loves his Grammy. Look at him! He's like butter!

We had Boyd, Carol, Claire, Aunt Mary, and Becky over to eat chili and watch the game that evening. The Pope's were out of town, boo! Sid had to go to bed just after everyone arrived, but the good news is he went down without a fight! We were all holding our breath based off of his previous evening.

We were in our purple and gold!
Love that foot sticking out!
Louis on the leash so he didn't jump on everyone when they arrived.

Sadly, LSU lost the game. We put up a good fight, and then did a stupid thing and kicked the ball out of bounds on a kickoff with 40 seconds left in the game, giving Bama extra yardage. Went into OT, and we flippin' LOST! UGH!!!!! Darn Tigers. 

Sunday morning Grammy was set to hit the road by 10 so she could make it before dark. She had plenty of time to eat pancakes and get a few more snuggles on the patio before taking off!

Even though it was a quick trip, we are so glad she and Louis came to watch the game with us, and also babysit Sid! We are already counting down the days to when she returns for Thanksgiving!!!!!

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