Halloween 2014

Sid's first Halloween was a lot of fun, and probably pretty typical for a child of his age :) We couldn't figure out what to dress him up as. Finally - one morning while scrolling through the costumes on Amazon, I came across a businessman onesie! It immediately spoke to me since everyone always calls Sid Mr. Serious!

The morning started off with our last Baby & Me yoga class we have been taking. Stephanie told us the week prior that we should dress all the babies up and bring them to class! It was just about the cutest thing I've ever seen!

Clockwise starting with Sid at the bottom...then Conway Hilton as a caterpillar (Alison's nephew)...Hudson as a monster...Maya's baby, Ascher as a pirate...Christine's baby Caleb as a puppy dog...Jenny's little Elizabeth as a banana...and sweet Kai who's mommy is Alexandra as SuperBaby. Christine, Maya, Jenny and I met during prenatal yoga. Elizabeth is only 3 days older than Sid. We are all planning on getting together regularly.

He was very active - not in the mood to lay down and chill like the other babies!
Conway and Sid
Doing some leg stretches for the babies.
That is Alexandra and Kai on the left, and Lauren and Conway to the right.

When we got home from our fun class, Sid needed a nap big time! When he woke up he had a big surprise from Grammy waiting on him! She sent him a book and a sweet card to mark his first Halloween. This is a book I remember reading and also baking the Old Witch's cake recipe on the back :) I can't wait to bake it with Sid in a few years! Thanks Grammy! He will enjoy the book one of these days. This year, he only made it to page three!

Around 5:30 we went to John and Tiffany's house to trick or treat with them! Their neighbors all gather at one house and have food and then everyone walks around together! It was fun, but we only lasted for about two and a half hours. It was actually pretty cold and Sid was getting sleepy. 

Sean as Skinny Elvis, Sid had his costume on under his hoodie, and me...well, maybe next year!
The Bolton's!

After almost two hours of wearing Sid, Sean switched with me because my back was starting to hurt. Shortly after, we walked back to our car and went home. Poor Sid had red little cheeks from the wind!

We skipped bath and put him straight to bed! He was so happy to be home in his warm house. Whenever we take him out for a while and it gets late and he gets tired, he gets SO excited when we get home! It's like he just can't contain how happy he is that he's back in his safe surroundings! He kicks his legs in pure joy while changing him. It's so darn cute that it makes me want to play with him instead of putting him to bed! Needless to say, regardless of the cuteness, to the crib he went :)

Sean and I plopped on the couch, ordered take-out, and went to bed shortly after. Happy belated Halloween!

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