2010, ended with a bang!

it's been a while since i've blogged anything. i haven't really had that much exciting going on in my life...until now :)

thanksgiving morning 2010 was one of the greatest moments of my life so far, and one i will never ever forget! S. proposed to me before i even got out of bed :) {talk about a great way to wake up!}! the story will come soon.

so aside from me having a wedding i can start blogging about, i have decided this really is a great way to go back and remember things you have done. on new year's eve, S. and i got to talking about what we have done to celebrate in the past. we finally figured it out, but that's when it hit me...if i had been blogging all of this time it would be so easy to go back and read about all the fun things we've done! so here i am. a new year. an exciting journey in life S. and i will soon embark on. it's time to put this chapter into words :)

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Adam said...

It's funny to me that when I see 'S.' written in that way. I think of my brother. Anyways.