i am wondering the best way to go about this.
we have a website where people can RSVP.

with our formal invitation that goes out, should we add an RSVP card that tells them to go to the website and RSVP there (essentially where the Save The Date directed them). Or...do we do an RSVP card w/ an envelope ready to be dropped in the mail?

what do you think? which are people more likely to do?
we are very limited in our seating in the chapel, that's why these RSVPs are BIG for us!


Kelly Downey said...

Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I would still go with the card response in the mail. So, what's the deal for the rehearsal dinner? I saw a cute, summery dress at Nordstrom today that I would like to buy....but need to justify the purchase. Will we wear dresses to the rehearsal dinner? If not, please say yes so I can buy this dress! Got your thank you yesterday in the mail- cute!

Jenny said...

I've had a couple of friends do the online RSVP this year and people just didn't get it... they had very few respond. If the number is really important then I would go the traditional route.