the proposal.

i realize most of you already know this story because you've either heard it in person or read it on our website by now, but here it is anyway :)

Thanksgiving morning 2010 is one morning I will never forget! I began waking up and getting restless around 8am that morning. I was quickly greeted by Sean who jumped in the bed and said, "Come cuddle!" I did just that, but think I sort of killed it when I started going on and on about what a horrible, morbid dream I had just woken up from. He patiently listened to my babbling, and when I finally shut up he handed me a homemade card titled "Ten Reasons I'm Thankful to Have You in My Life." The card also had a turkey on it, so I thought, aww, he got me a Thanksgiving card :) So I began reading his top ten reasons, and when I got down to the bottom, there was no #1?! He just said it was really late when he made the card and couldn't believe he left it off! I believed him and still half asleep, gave him a hug and thanked him for my sweet card. Then, he quickly reminded me how he didn't do anything for our 4 year anniversary (that's right people, NO card, NO flowers, NO NOTHING!) and that he had been feeling bad and wanted to make up for it (I am still clueless at this point). He told me to look under the bed because there was something else for me (Oh boy, maybe this is it?!)...nope, it was a shoe box sized Nordstrom box. So I grabbed the box and quickly opened it up to find a card that read;

1. I am thankful to have you by my side for the rest of my life!

Still in disbelief, I pulled back the tissue paper, and there it was....the box! with the ring! Streaming tears and lots of shaking take over my body as he took the box from my hand, got down on one knee next to the bed, and said those four little words, "Will you marry me?"...I said YES!...On to the bubbly!


Jenny said...

Love it!!

Adam said...

Okay wait a second. I am not trying to take away from this great memory, and I'm really glad that you took the time to write it down. I would not be me however if I didn't think that this story needs to be completed.

You failed to mention that your brother (that would be me) was asleep on the air mattress in the other room and was awakened to the bright shining light (that would be Sean) that was glowing and grinning from ear to ear.

Yep, I've heard the story now once or twice.

Congrats again though.

Mrs. Traylor Parks

the caterpillar said...

haha, that made sean and i both lol last night :)

Kelly Downey said...

Such a special proposal!