last week i went to dinner with my two childhood friends, kelly and jenn. unfortunately, kelly wasn't able to make it our housewarming party so she came for dinner a few nights later instead! it actually turned out perfect because we met at jenn's house so she could give us a quick view of their new nursery before heading to a yummy dinner! we were definitely able to visit more on this visit than at the party, so i was glad she drove over (thanks, kelly!). she brought me a gift, and i think it is one of my favorites so far! she got me my new initial :) P!! i am sooo excited to have this new piece in my home. check it out!

sometimes i glance up at it and get confused b/c i'm not used to referring to myself as a parks yet. i'm sure that will happen once we get married! thank you kelly!(jenn, still haven't opened the vino you gave us, but we will soon!)

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Kelly Downey said...

P. Enough said. Looks like it belongs there! I LOVED having dinner with you girls last week. Want to do it again very soon!