wedding talk.

i am dying for the new spring dresses to come out! i am in search for the perfect white dress {or two}! my friend erin always says the bride should dress in white for all wedding weekend occasions, and i must say i like her idea very much. so cute white dresses...WHERE ARE YOU?

wedding planning is going good, but oh my gosh there is so much to do. i am starting to see my vision and am now able to start thinking of some of the smaller details. what to put in the welcome bags, what the wedding favor will be, jewelry for my girl's, details! lots and lots of little details.

our biggest headache at the moment is what to dress the guys in. is black too formal for our occasion? too hot? should we do light grey, khaki? we know tuxes are out, but it's so hard finding the perfect suite! i keep going back and forth and back and forth. and i don't think SP really cares so much. does the groom's suite have to be exactly the same as the others?

the earrings i want to wear are out of stock! and they have been for MONTHS!!! i don't know what to do! i can't find anything else i like. this is not good. sad when you have your heart set on something! i'll just keep checking i suppose!

we are snowed in today. our entire street is a sheet of ice! great!


Meagan said...

Ohh, how your wedding planning is bringing back such memories!!!!!! I can't wait to hear all the details at Tiffany's soon!

Adam said...
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