Jambalaya cookin'!

last week we cooked a yummy jambalaya recipe! i knew my oldest brother tried it out a week or so before, so i called him for some tips before diving in! (good thing!) i had to take photos of the process. the smell was overwhelmingly DELICIOUS!
you see, when we cook in my family, it's an event! we all get involved and it turns into an all day thing. good music to dance to while cookin', wine to sip on, and good company to visit with.
sean and i did just that! we put a little cajun music on, opened a bottle of vino, and cooked for the remainder of the afternoon :) (we danced around a little too!)
it turned out amazing (minus the fact that the rice didn't fully cook and was a little crunchy!).

*mental note: add more chicken stock and simmer a little longer next go round!
*funny note: the next AM, my brother called to tell me that he forgot to let me know about adding the extra stock for the rice to get fully cooked!

homemade broth.

all the veggies.

the chef w/ his sweater tucked in b/c he was cold from the draft (ha!).

andouille sausage in the cast iron, YUM!

the onions on their way to turning a beautiful caramelized color.

veggies, broth, and meat, all in the skillet.

(not sure why this picture is rotated)
we couldn't wait to take the last picture before digging in :)

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