and the clock struck 12.

sean and i can't wait to have our reception at my parent's house for two reasons:

1. it has the atmosphere we want
2. the 'venue' doesn't shut down at a certain hour

i have gone back and forth with that #2.  we don't want the party to end!  we love music, friends, and having a good time!  it is our one wedding reception, shouldn't we do it big?!  do we have to have an end time, or do we just go until we can't go anymore?  we have even planned a late night snack :)  i know the majority of the guests will not be hanging out much past the midnight hour, but the ones who want to, why not let them?!  my brother married 4 years ago and he says his biggest regret of the entire day was ending their reception at 12am.

if we don't have an end time,  when do we tell the servers and other staff to leave?  we will not have a "getaway" moment, but do i really care?   which is more important?  a few pictures of us running through sparklers, or the late night on the dance floor with friends and family?  i know sean and i, and if we end early, we will just move the party elsewhere with the friends who stick around.    

we keep going back and forth!  both of us!  my heart says, keep it going!!  why can't i just make a decision!!!  must. make. decision. soon!

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