Ice Prison!

we have been stuck at home for days b/c of ICE and FREEZING temps! today (and all the other days), we are going completely stir crazy! SP is determined to break free! this is our driveway! solid ice!!!!
but, again, DETERMINED! me? i'm scared to death! but, if he's getting out, so am i :)
we decided it would be a good night for some Jambalaya...mmmmm, Donald Link's recipe. can't wait! something needs to keep us busy during this "down time". cooking it is!

(oh, and did i mention our master bath sinks and line to the washer are FROZEN!). UGH!

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Adam said...

It really is kind of crazy. Good idea on the meal planning. Too bad you guys aren't gamers, we could be linking up for some alien destruction right about now. I know I'm a dork!