big smile :)

i have had the best day today!

it started off by cleaning a little b/c my brother is coming to stay the night with us.  he is flying out of DFW tomorrow AM headed to DC to meet our new nephew, Ian!  (sean and i will go next week to meet him!)  then i had to take tiffany to the airport, which ended in a shopping trip to nordstrom rack.  i went originally for sean's valentine's day gift, and left with his gift plus THREE DRESSES!  that's good enough to put anyone in a good mood, right?!  i NEVER find that much at one time.  i told myself i wasn't even going to try anything on, but i talked myself right out of that and was soon in the dressing room!  i found my rehearsal dinner dress and 2 shower dresses!  each for $60 or less!!

then, i came home and my doorbell rang.  it was the mailman bringing me a package that needed a signature...it was the earrings i ordered off of etsy to wear on my wedding day!  they couldn't be more perfect.  i love them so much and can't wait to wear them!  on top of that, last night around 7pm, UPS came to bring me my wedding shoes i ordered off of zappo's (free shipping!)...LOVE those too!  i have had a very lucky shopping spree these past few days and i love everything so much.  now the hardest part is going to be having to wait to wear it all!!

OH, i almost forgot...before UPS came last night, sean took me to buy my birthday present (yes, it was back in nov).  i knew he was getting me a bike, but it just hasn't exactly been the right weather to go ride so it was fine with me that he waited.  and this way i got to pick it out!  i can't wait to go riding when it gets warm :)

(i probably shouldn't be writing about this yet but i can't help it...i just got a text from sean asking for the last 4 of my social.  i texted him back, but not without a "why?" tagged behind it.  then, he called and said, what zip code do you have our AT&T bill under?! .... right then i knew.... he is getting me the iPhone 4 for valentine's day!!!  he's the best! and i am really ready for him to get home now, haha!)

happy friday everyone!

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Adam said...

Thanks for letting me stay. I had a great time going out to dinner with you all. Thanks for picking me up and getting me to the airport too. Luckily I did not hit hardly any traffic last night. It was a nice ride home.