30 + 1

Monday was my birthday, 31!  Wow, can't believe I am now officially in my 30s!  So far it's been great and I have no complaints :)

SP and I had a few friends over Saturday night.  It was supposed to be an afternoon party in the yard playing washers, cooking, and drinking...but with too many cancelations the day before, we ended up with a smaller, more intimate group of really close friends :)

We woke up Saturday prepared to spend all day cooking jambalaya from Donald Link's cookbook, The Real Cajun.  Y'all, this cookbook is something serious.  My parents gifted us a signed copy a few years ago.  It has quickly become SP's favorite by far. That said, we have yet to perfect this so called jambalaya.  It was a fun day of cooking none the less.  We started with a bacon, egg, and cheese homemade sandwich, some Hawaiian coffee, and OJ.  Then we moved straight into the real cooking, with a bottle of champagne to accompany!  You see, when you are from Louisiana, you just can't cook...like I mean, realllllly cook, without having some sort of drink in your hand.  I'm telling you, it just doesn't fly where I'm from!  So, drinks flowing, music on, windows open, cast iron skillet hot and ready!  It.  was.  awesome :)

Roasted chicken, soon to be picked off the bone and added to the pot!
Friends showed up around 6 for some food, drinks, and the LSU kickoff!  SP and I love to entertain and don't get the opportunity to have friends over often b/c of everyones busy schedules.  So we really enjoyed it.  I made some artichoke balls for an appetizer that turned out awesome.  I knew they must be good when they come from a recipe page that looked this seasoned...

One of my mother's cookbooks - Cotton Country
Later on, with full bellies, we went to Bronson Rock in Keller for the remainder of the evening.  I was able to finish watching LSU (they WON! against Miss St) and enjoy time with friends :)

I had lots of fun and was so glad for the friends I have that came :)

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