Week on The Escarpment

This post is 2 weeks old, but better late than never!
I got to spend 7 whole nights under my parents roof :)  It was a great week followed by an even better weekend!  SP flew in early Friday morning and my brother Adam drove in late Friday night.  Our goal was to get as many members of our Tiger Team in one spot for the big Bama game on Saturday.

We started our weekend off with fried catfish for lunch, followed by some Bayou Magic red beans & rice with andouille and cole slaw.  I am unsure how many bowls of this magic I consumed, but enough :)  It was just so darn good!

SP browning the andouille 
LSU, hot sauce, cajun food.  Doesn't get much better!

Saturday morning my mom made us a yummy, country breakfast!  Peppered ham, biscuits, and a fried egg.

Please ignore the paper plate :)

We got the fire on my dad's Honcho (see picture of his Honcho pit below) ready to slow cook the brisket we had been marinating since Friday night.  The afternoon was spent in pure bliss.  Family, fall, fire pit, cooking, drinking, relaxing...with fear on the brain (typical on a Tiger game day).

An old hot water heater tank that my Uncle Larry helped my dad turn into a pit years ago.  So cool!
You can see the word Honch sautered across the top!
Whisky & Ginger and a fire :)
Loving the time on the mountain!
Dad moving coals.
Do you see the fear in our eyes?!
Our Scared to Death Faces!!!!
Beautiful views all around

He loves being my foot rest :)
Round 2
We were having a little too much fun!
Blow torch to the brisket, ha!
Enjoying our time together under the trees.

Sadly, the Tigers were defeated by Bama, but man it was a great game.  The best we had seem them play all year.  Les, thanks for your tricks that didn't work on the field b/c I'm pretty sure you are why we lost that game :(

Sunday started with a lazy morning, then we got dressed and went to the chapel in the woods.  The one where SP and I said I do! 2 years back :)  My parents have been going there on Sunday mornings for a quiet, prayerful moment.  I was happy to join them.

Sweet moment :)
My dad, brother Adam, mom, and me
Remembering our wedding day
My week on the mountain was awesome.  I look forward to being up there again next week when ALL of our family will be there to celebrate Thanksgiving.  I sure know I have a lot to be thankful for, don't you?

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