My Extended Thanksgiving

Hi you,

Happy belated Thanksgiving. Mine was as tasty as salted caramel sorbet, yours?

SP and I arrived at The Escarpment late Monday...DC bunch came on Tuesday...Adam came Wednesday...and other folks trickled in and out throughout the rest of the week. We had the best time eating, drinking, chatting, and just being cozy. By the fire!

We ate tortilla soup, marinated crab claws, the traditional holiday staples, turkey chili, venison, jalapenõ poppers, spinach artichoke dip, roasted chicken, dirty rice, and cracklins! Whew! Oh, and pecan pie, pumpkin butternut squash bread pudding, salted caramel sorbet, and apple pie.

LSU played Arkansas on Friday. An hour before kick-off, I looked outside and realized my Uncle Jim and Suzanne had just driven in from Shreveport to surprise us for the game! It was awesome to see them. Oh, and the Tigers won!!

Our favorite little buddy was just the cutest! He has a definite attachment to his mommy right now. If you come near him when she's around he will stick his hand out and tell you "No!", before you can even say the word hello! Ha!

I decided to stay on the mountain an extra week to lend a hand. My parents are packing up to head to Houston on Saturday. Well, to Ft. Worth on Sat then Houston on Tuesday. I sent Sean on his way yesterday, and I will catch a ride to TX with them. They are spending a few nights with us before Houston. I look forward to putting up our Christmas tree this weekend all together.

Below are some pictures of our time together in Arkansas. I am so thankful for this awesome group of people I am proud to call my family. We are all staying hopeful and praying hard that my dad will indeed get to have surgery on 12-10-12.

Table set for 15!

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