Chateau Parks is Booked!

The story of how our house became Chateau Parks
When my parents come to stay, my husband loves to decorate their room with random things.  Usually chocolates on their pillow, a fresh bar of soap, and whatever else might strike him as entertaining.  My dad started all of this.  Before, when they would come to stay, he would request certain things like a fresh bar of soap, 1/2 & 1/2 for his coffee in the AM, real milk (we drink almond), real peanut butter (we use almond), bottled water (ok fine, but only if you recycle the bottle!)...he is a man who must have all of his creature comforts, and then some :)

Last Weekend Booking at Chateau Parks
This past weekend, my parents drove up from Houston with my brother Adam and his girlfriend, Christy.  We had a house full on Saturday night, and we loved it!  One of mine and SP's most favorite things to do is entertain!  It gives us a good excuse to deep clean the house and cook mouth watering food!

We spent Saturday preparing for their arrival.  Did a little house cleaning and decorating!  We had to make Chateau Parks perfect for our guests :)  We went to Central Market and bought some groceries and flowers.  We made a run by Anthropologie, too.  I needed gifts for their room and I saw the perfect items there!

Centerpiece pre-flowers.  I used my mason jars!
I love how it turned out.  And carnations, I hear they're making a comeback!
Gifts, a card, Good Luck soup mix, and baby's breath..all on a silver platter :)
This card has a lot of inside jokes, but still funny if you're out of the loop!

The bathroom
SP prepared chicken and shrimp fajitas on the charcoal pit.  We made cuban black beans, cilantro lime rice, and had cappuccino mochi for dessert.  We all enjoyed it very much, but not as much as my dad!  This was his first proper meal in a month, at least!  We did everything we could to make it special for him :)  I can't believe we didn't get a picture of this meal!  :(  We were caught up in the moment I suppose :)

Saturday evening, the kids, went up to Bronson Rock in Keller for a drink or two. It was a yucky evening so we didn't stay too long.  It was fun for a minute though!

Christy, SP and I
Me, Adam, and Christy...it was cold and wet and my hair started to curl! 
Siblings :)
Sunday morning, we woke up and my mom cooked us eggs and toast.  White toast, b/c my dad can not have wheat right now.  Then we said goodbye to Adam and Christy as they left for Shreveport.  My mom and I had to then go return the rental car they drove up.  While we took care of that, SP and my dad were left home getting the dinner prep done!  We had BBQ chicken, potato and green beans!  And, Jack and Sheryl (in-laws) joined us :)  

Cookin' that chicken!
Mmmmm :)
This is one. happy. man.
Sunday, we packed up the car and somehow all 3 (no SP) fit in it.  Man, were we crammed in there!!

My parents flew to Houston a month ago...how in the heck did they
accumulate THIS MUCH STUFF?!?!  This takes serious talent!
At the halfway point, my mom took over the driving and I squeezed
into the backseat!
We arrived at the Escarpment just after 5 o'clock.  I could see it in their eyes, tired, but sooooo happy to be H O M E ! ! !  The only downside?  They left their house in such a whirlwind, they didn't exactly have time to clean or put up any christmas decorations.  This week will be spent monitoring what my dad eats, and cleaning this place up!!!

So glad they are home, and I have to say... I have missed my home away from home!


Adam Traylor said...

C - I love this blog. I loved staying at your place and I love the creativity that you and SP have! You two are great host and CDH and I had a great time! We can't wait to come back and go out again. Lv, - Ajt

Christy Hicks said...

Yall were AMAZING hosts!!! Everything was fantastic and top-notch! I highly recommend a stay at Château Parks. Trés Chic! ;) xoxo