Week In Arkansas

It was a busy week!  My parents are getting new carpet (today actually) and I was there to help get them settled back home and to help get all the stuff up, off the carpet upstairs...yikes!  Lots of stuff.  Lots and lots of stuff :)  My favorite part was when we got to the master bedroom.  We opened up their old trunk and hiding out was a TON of my old artwork!  I'm talking middle school - college art! I got very sidetracked looking through all of it!

Freshman year design work (circa 2001)...The Ruling Pen.  I can't talk about this skill
(or lack there of!) without crying I'm pretty sure, hA!

Once getting refocused, my mom was sitting on her bed going through a box of keepsakes (refocused?  hmm, maybe not quite yet) and out pops a vintage gold ring! It was so cool!  And, it fit my right finger perfect :)  It is an old ring that my dad gifted to her a long time ago.  They aren't sure what for, but think 5 year anniversary maybe!?  She told me I could have it.  I just love it!  It's so simple, but old and unique.  I love having passed down jewelry.  Thanks, Mom :)  Isn't it so cute?

It needs to be appraised and it is missing one tiny diamond that I will let SP replace , )

We next moved  into the guest bedroom disaster closet.  This room was full of old black and white photographs of my moms family.  Mostly her late brother, my Uncle Larry.  Check out some of these old pictures.  I could sit and look through old photographs of my family for hours.

Funny thing...he grew up to be a cowboy :)

Look at that little sailor outfit.  Amazing picture.
My mom told me her mom (my Nana) used to always dress Larry in
the cutest outfits! 
HA, tell me it's not hilarious seeing how high his pants are pulled up!!??
These next two are not nearly as old, but just as funny good...

My brother Adam and I in Wyoming... circa mid 90's

My cousin Boyd's wedding!  See the man in the top row with glasses, white shirt peeking out
from behind the groom?  That's my Uncle Larry (from little boy pics above!)
How much fun are old photographs?!

Friday night we cooked tortilla soup and watched 007: Skyfall.  We were in bed early :)

I sent this pic to SP.  Showing him while he was at the bar, I was in bed...HA :) 
Woke up Saturday with a little bit of pretty white snow on the ground!  It was lovely while it lasted.  We even saw some deer outside while enjoying our morning coffee.  I always try to take a picture of them, but they blend in so well with the trees they never turn out.

After breakfast I loaded up the car, helped my mom load up her car with all the stuff we cleaned out to donate, and hit the road!  I was home by 4.  Glad to be back at home, but always love my time on the mountain :)

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