It's Finally Here!

SP and I ordered this bed....

Wayyyyyyyyyyy back in August.  Yes, August.  It pains me to say we have been waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting.  And waiting.  It was supposed to only take 8-10 weeks.  It quickly turned into almost 7 months!  It was one thing after another.  Delay at the factory, now it will be end of December.  Then when they called again and pushed it off even further, I got, a little a lot, annoyed!!  Now it was going to be the end of February.  Seriously?  END OF FEBRUARY?!  I hooped and hollered until I got an answer as to why this is happening!  Turns out.  They were having problems with the fabric.  The factory kept shipping it and C&B would refuse it b/c it wasn't dyed properly.  So, they were nice and offered us the choice of 30% off, or the opportunity to pick out another bed.  We opted to wait a little longer and get the extra percentage off.

So, yesterday.  The doorbell rang and there it was!  The C&B truck with our bed in tow!!!

My excitement level was a little ridiculous.  This is how our master bedroom has looked since August.  And no, I'm not kidding.  I wish I was.

Boring bedframe with no pillows
Old pillows and possible bedding waiting patiently on the floor.  

It is time to be out with the old and in with the new...

SP helping the delivery guy out :)

We have a old piece of ceiling tin that is turquoise and rusty.
It will be hung above our bed (today if I'm lucky!) :)

We have so much natural light in our room that it is really hard to get a good photograph!

Wow!  We love it.  There are a few things are slightly "off" but we will get over them and learn to love it.  Just simple things.  Like, maybe already wanting to re-stain the legs : //  But that's neither here nor there, we love it :)  It felt so good to sleep in a proper bed last night.  The bed is a bit higher than I thought it was going to be, but I actually like it high.  I know it's not the modern platform look, but my house is eclectic and has a mix of both modern and traditional.  It fits us perfectly!

Now, I need to buy new lamps, curtains, and a cover for that long body pillow back there.  Hmmm, can't decide what to do!

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