We're Hooked!

I'd say for at least a year I've talked about hot yoga.  I've heard a lot about it from my friend Lacy, who has her own Bikram yoga studio in Columbia, SC, and from my friend Kelly, who has been going to hot yoga at Sunstone Yoga in Dallas for years!  Both Lacy and Kelly SWEAR by this sweaty practice. So I have been too intimidated to go try it by myself due to the heat factor.  I do not like to be hot and was convinced in my head I was going to be the one passed out in the corner! SP would never do it b/c he always had the mindset of "I need to get in shape first."  Well, actually, that's not true at all.  You go to GET in shape, but whatever...guys mentality.  What can you do?!

This past week we were talking and he randomly decided to try it with me!  YAY!  So we marked our calendars and Saturday morning we were off!

We started with an intro class, just basically to familiarize ourselves with the studio and how the classes are run.  There was no yoga involved.  After 30 minutes of lots of information, we attended our first hot yoga class, Spark (90 degrees w/ 60% humidity.  Less intense than their Fire series which is 98.6 degrees).  Oh, and Bikram Yoga, that Lacy does, it's in a room of 105 degrees (ah!).  The funniest part about our morning was...at the studio they provide free towel and mat service.  I knew this, but still thought it would be a good idea to bring our own.  So while heading into the locker room to get ready for class I had my purse, my yoga matt, my water bottle, papers from the intro class, my towel, Sean's towel (why I do not know!), PLUS the towel the instructor handed me to use....ALL IN MY ARMS!!  HA!  I must have looked like a hot mess!  And I hadn't even started class yet!  So we all hurry to get all of our stuff put into our little cubicles and head into class.  The instructor had to come in the locker room looking for me b/c it took me so long to get all of that extra stuff shoved in my little square cubicle.  HA!  Oh, b/c at this point I had to squeeze my fleece I was wearing in there too!  SHEESH!  Regardless, I made it into the HOT room.

When you walk in, it is so dark you can hardly see your hand in front of your face before your eyes get adjusted.  I'm pretty sure SP and I were both saying a prayer that we didn't step on any participating yogis while finding our spot on the floor :)  We made it and before we knew it, it was time for class to start!  Lights on, here we go!

After an intense 60 minute workout, we were hooked!  We loved it!  We were all sweaty and nasty when we left.  And the 30 degree weather felt awesome outside!

Yoga is such a cool workout.  It's cardio, strength training, and flexibility all in one.  Not to mention the mental benefits.  It's great.  We love it.  And I'm  so happy we have each other to help motivate.  If you are one of those people that thinks yoga is just a few stretching poses, get your booty in a hot room and give it a try!  You will be surprised how you feel afterwards!

We've already got this next week of classes on our calendar!  Happy Sweating :)

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