I Promise Spontaneity!

This past weekend was practically perfect.  No, I'm serious.
What describes a perfect weekend for me?

One where SP doesn't have to work too much.
One where SP and I do spontaneous things...(this was even written into our wedding vows:  I promise spontaneity, adventure, and a life that is fun and always different.)
One were we can enjoy our beautiful home.
One where we can cook for friends.
One where the weather is simply perfection.

Here's the breakdown:

Friday afternoon I unknowingly got my hair chopped off!  I went in wanting a trim, but somewhere between the parking lot and the stylists chair, I went 6ish" shorter! It's longer in the front than the back.  I really like it :)

That evening we did our usual 'Fire Pit Friday' with the neighbors.   We were back inside watching The Americans by 9.  We are HOOKED already!  If you don't know what it is, check it out.  New series on FX!

Before going to bed, we talked about getting up and heading to Eagle Mountain Lake. It's a little lake town about 25 minutes away.  We noticed they have some nice trails that run right alongside the lake.  We've been wanting to check it out!

Saturday morning, we woke up ready to go!  We made waffles and bacon and then sat around for a little bit letting our breakfast settle (ok, so maybe not super ready to go, ha!).  Before long, we had changed our day trip 3 times, landing on Canton!! Sean had never been, and I've only been one other time.

Off we went...

We made it to in a little under an hour and a half!  We decided not to walk through the newer, boutique stuff.  We wanted to hit up the flea market/antique part of it. We both love to rummage through junk to find hidden gems :)

1. Old rusty letters.  2. Should have bought these candle sticks :(  3. That's a whole lotta love :)  4.  If these old boots could talk...
It sort of felt like being at the fair, considering all the healthy food we ate!

We ate these while waiting in the corn dog line, ha! 
Texas Twister potatoes!
Corn dog + fresh squeezed lemonade!
Alllllll gone :)
We tried to refrain, but the smell got us!  (we split it, I promise!)
Let me add this...SP ate just as much crap as I did, but for some reason he kept being behind the camera in between bites, so it looks like I was the only one! Sneaky sneaky!

We found some good stuff!

1. A wooden spoon for $1.  2. A liquor decanter ($25) that we've had our eye out for, for a loooong time!
3. A very heavy brass planter for $12!
And my all time favorite thing, that I have been wanting for over a year and haven't been able to find exactly what I was looking for...

A bar cart!  I've been wanting something in my dining room to put some pretty glass decanters on for so long.  I am still completely excited about this find!  It was only $25!!!  And, I don't even need to paint it b/c it is a perfect color to match the room!  I will do another post soon of how it is now decorated!

It was a long day, and we were wiped after walking around for hours.  We got back into our area around 5ish and decided to stop for a beer at The Ginger Man in Southlake.  Oh, and a soft pretzel to go along with our Belgian beer :)

So, Sunday was Super Bowl Sunday.  I think I will do a separate post for that day :)  It deserves it!

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