Colorado Day 1 - 5/9/2013

This trip to CO was planned back in February when our friend, Tom, said he wanted to go see Zac Brown Band at Red Rocks.  One week before departure, Tom canceled due to work stuff that came up.  So we went on without him.

On May 9 SP and I woke up suuuuuper early....

Our flight left for Denver at 6:30am.  Next time I will not be asking Sean his opinion on flights because the only reason we flew so early was b/c it was $20 cheaper, TWENTY DOLLARS!  Whatever.  We made it and weren't even rushed :)

We stayed with our good friend, Shelby, who has been cursing all of her TX friends for years b/c no one ever comes to visit her! Shelby and I must have emailed no less than 100 times in the months leading up to this trip.  She is such a planner and, well, I guess I am, too.

When we got to her house, she left a key and some dog treats for Boss, who was there waiting on us, but he wasn't too sure who we were and definitely barked for a while...

By the time SP and I got our stuff upstairs and came back down, he was rolled over ready for pets.  Such a lover.

She left us a sweet card and some treats on our bed :)
See Boss?  He loved getting right under our feet when we sat on the couch!
She was at work when we arrived so she left us stickies everywhere!
These notes are from the welcome bag we gave at our wedding...love it!

We had a few hours to kill before she got home from work at 11:30 (she was kind and took a 1/2 day). I read my book and SP got some work done.  Then we prepared lunch before rushing off to the Colorado Rockies v. New York Yankees game!  We had artichoke dip and brats.

The weather was a little iffy.  Cold, wet, warm, dry.  We had it all!  Regardless, we had amazing seats! Her boss has seats 3 rows up from the dugout and he let Shelby have the tickets for this game, AWESOME!

You can see the clouds starting to roll in
We took these darn ponchos on and off at least 20 times!  So glad SP brought them though!

The rain delay took forEVER!  We hung out inside the stadium for a long time where we met up with her friend Jeff and some of his buddies.  As the delay went on, the temperature dropped like crazy!  We were all freezing!  We decided to go out to our car to add on some layers.  If there is one thing we learned while being in CO, you have to travel with a wardrobe for fall, winter, and spring.  Seriously, you never know what the next 10 minutes is going to bring!  So the entire trip, we kept Shelby's Pilot full of extra layers for each of us!

Headed to the car in our stylish ponchos!

And apparently the rain makes you do silly things! 

Shelby made moonshine!

Don't worry people - the car was not on!  This was our rain delay.  It was hours past before
anyone drove!

After we got what we needed in the car, the game was still not back on!  So, we went right next door to a bar for a quick pick me up - Red Bull and Vodka!

Ok, a long time later (lost track of time!)....we made it back to our seats!  Oh, and I might should mention, we ended up not needing the extra layers because it got HOT after the rain, ha!

SP and his soggy hotdog, YUCK!
Finally! The tarp is being removed from the field!  PLAY BALL!
See how close that dugout is!
SP "caught" a ball that was "tossed" to him off that dugout, ha!
Beautiful sunny day!

Towards the end of the game, SP looked at Shelby (who loves sports) and told her he spotted her favorite Denver Nugget player, Faried!  He was sitting there with 3 buddies (non Nugget players).  It wasn't long before Shelby was over trying to talk to him!  You can see from the picture, he wanted NOTHING to do with her.  He was trying to be inconspicuous, but you can tell from the picture also - not working out too well!

Shelby trying to talk to Faried - he's the one with his hand over his face!

After the game, we were in the restroom and she was talking about how rude he was! A lady behind us said, "Oh, was that you who tried to talk to him?"...turns out, they had been thrown out of those seats and so they didn't want to be seen because they came back after getting the boot!  Either way, Shelby is still mad at him and says he is no longer her favorite Denver Nugget.  HA!

After the game finally ended (we weren't expecting this to be an all day event!) we walked across the street to one of Denver's many brewery's, Breckenridge Brewery.

We had a drink, then we thought we were going to play trivia (we left before it started).  Regardless, I got clever when thinking of our team name!

We still needed tickets for Zac Brown tomorrow (Friday) and I thought why not announce it to the bar in case someone had a connection!!!  Like I said, we left before it started :(

We went to Rome's for wings!  This was Shelby's friend, Jeff's idea.  Think Hooter's.  Yea, I know.  Classy.

Wings and some burger, green chili, tortilla thing.  My stomach hurts looking
at this again!

The boys got the very hot wings!  I decided to be tough and give one a go....the look on my face says it all!  It was soooo hot!

We went to bed, finally.  Exhausted and ready to hit the ground running for day 2!

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