Colorado Day 2, Part 1 - 5/10/2013

Day 2 was the best day of our trip.  I for one, was beyond excited about getting to go see a show at Red Rocks Amphitheater (something on my bucket list for quite some time - only I always pictured it was going to be to see Dave Matthews).

Shelby had the hookup with someone who knows the Coors family.  She was able to get us a VIP tour of the factory at 11 on Friday morning.  The factory is in Golden, CO so we had to get up and get moving!  We took showers, shoved some egg sandwiches down, and quickly loaded up the car for our 45 minute road trip (and an overnight stay) :)

When we got there, go figure.  We weren't on the list!  But, they were able to take us anyway (please notice the word Exception on the wristband, ha!).  It was pretty cool to see and learn about how beer is made.

Our guide...he was VERY into beer!

Control room looking down over the brew kettles.
We got to wear cool orange vests, goggles, and headphones!
Where they load up the beer to head out on the tracks.
Finally getting to taste some unique beers.
Darker brew - Tounge Thai-ed, Belgian Pale Ale with Lemongrass and basil (really tasty!)
Lighter brew - Blue Moon Agave Nectar Ale

This next picture, I look VERY happy for how tired I was....

Reason for the happiness...

That's right!  While on the beer tour, Shelby got a text from her friend that said she had gotten her hands on 2 concert tickets!!!!  The show was at 7 pm and we still had NO TICKETS!  All the tickets were going for at least $200 a piece online! We scored these for $70 a ticket!!!!  Now all we needed was one more!

Ok, back to the tour...

This is a crazy story.  The people in the photo below, Owen & Jordan - from Boston, were sitting 1 row below us yesterday at the Rockies game!  None of us ever meet a stranger, so we of course started talking to them at the game.  Come to find out we had a  very similar itinerary!  They were 1 row below us at the baseball game, they had the same beer tour the next morning (hence picture below), and then...you guessed it...going to Zac Brown tonight!  I mean, how ironic is that??!!

After the tour was over, the five of us hung out in the tasting room a little longer than we had anticipated!  It was 3 o'clock and we still needed to accomplish quite a few things before heading to Red Rocks.  On the list ~ find another concert ticket ~ take a power nap ~ eat something ~ check in to the hotel ~ pick up our existing tickets ~ tailgate ~ get a good seat at the show!  Would you believe we did it all!  I'm tired thinking about it, but we did it!

We ate lunch at a sandwich shop that Owen and Jordan told us about.  They sold Sean on it right away, and Shelby and I couldn't have steered him away even if we wanted to!

The main street running through Golden, CO
You know I love tulips!
Our lunch establishment
SP's something Elk sandwich - amazing flavors!

Their menu is pretty unbelievable.  So much to choose from, I thought Shelby was going to have a panic attack, haha!

After enjoying our patio lunch, we zipped off to the hotel to get checked in.  SP and I took a nap while Shelby refused, so she just started getting ready for the concert!  A 30 minute power nap was all I needed to feel better.  

Stay tuned for Day 2 - Part 2 - Red Rocks, ie, my favorite part of the entire trip!

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