The Blue Chair + Other Stuff

I can't believe I forgot to write about The Blue Chair.  This blue chair has been my dad's man chair for as long as I can remember.  I remember laying in it with my head on one arm rest and my legs flipped over the other, eating carrots cheetos out of the green tupperware container that still houses cheetos today!  Clearly, I'm not that little anymore and this move is no longer possible!  Anyway...SP has been wanting a man chair, and my mom has been forever talking about getting rid of The Blue Chair!  But, considering this chair and my dad have such a tight bond, it has taken her some time to convince him that he has 15 3 other man chairs and he doesn't need this chair anymore!  So with that, she offered it up to us kids.  Not shocked at all that SCT didn't want it (think Eames for his living room furniture) and AJT, well, this one I wasn't sure...but he said no!  So...look who got it! 

Yes it's a little old, and blue.  But our rug is blue.  And by the time I put a throw blanket and pillow on it, it fits in just perfectly.  And now SP has graduated from laying on the floor, to his new man chair.  And my dad is happy, too, because now when they come to visit, he will have his blue chair to sit in (that is if SP will share his chair ;) )

In other news....

We made this delicious homemade marinara sauce last week.  We ate it on some yummy spinach gnocci (not homemade, but I would love to try that sometime!).  And yes, that basil on top is from our garden!

Yoga for some reason has started to get harder to work into our schedules!  I did go 3 times last week, which was awesome!

Friday night, SP had a guys poker night in Dallas.  I hadn't seen Alison in a while and I was really craving a yummy meal with some wine at my favorite Dallas restaurant, Neighborhood Services (NS).   Alison had just gotten back from Taiwan, so I also wanted to hear about her trip!  

Last minute, she thought of another place to go because the NS I was used to going to changed restaurants.  Same owner, but different vibe.  The original NS was in a different spot and just doesn't have the same more low-key vibe.  So she told me about this place called Meddlesome Moth.  Sounded cool.  She hadn't been in a while, so we decided to go there instead!

We wanted to wait for a table on the patio so we started with cocktails and hummus inside.

I had a really good elderberry flower and pear cocktail

It all started with the hummus.  I thought it was quite tasty, but Alison thought it was too salty.  Our table was ready so we grabbed our drinks and headed outside. There, she decided to order (in her words to the waiter)... Y'all used to have this cream corn dish, that was so good, it was like corn...waiter....Oh yes the FRIED hominy?  It's really good!....Alison....I guess so, yea I guess that's it. Let's get an order of that!!!  Can you tell her reaction?

Another item ordered that she didn't like!  She thought this was something else. Turns out they got a new chef and their menu changed.  So the waiter insists on taking it back and that we will not be paying for it, but Alison equally insisted that we I will eat it!!! I ate as much as I could but there was so much of it!!! We decided we shouldn't try having dinner there.  At this point, it was just a disaster!  So the waiter brought us our check with only my glass of wine on it (she hadn't ordered a drink at the table yet!).  I tipped him $5 for the trouble and we scurried out with the full intent of going to Neighborhood Services, after all :)

So clearly we should have just stuck with our original idea of NS.  And let me just say, it did NOT disappoint!  Even if it did have jeans hanging in each bathroom stall.  I really need to get in touch with their interior designer and ask what they were thinking!

We got there around 8:30 and had an hour wait.  We plopped at the bar where I had a glass of wine and she had an irish coffee (her jetlag was kicking in at this point!).

For an appetizer (yes, we got another appetizer...don't judge!) - we ordered our favorite....tempura fried asparagus with roasted lemon and a dill dressing!

For dinner (ha, FINALLY eating dinner!), we split the caramelized sea scallops with polenta, chorizo, and tomatoes!  Y'all, these scallops are like pure butter.  They totally melt in your mouth!

After 3 appetizers, a main dish, and a few drinks...you'd think we would be done! WRONG!  Alison spotted a cute boy across the way so we decided to order dessert :) I won't go into details, but I'll just say she did her part and nothing came of it.  Boys can be so dumb!

Strawberry turnover w/ ice cream.  I ordered an espresso, too!

It turned out being a great night :)  It ended in at least an hour long conversation...in the car...in the parking garage...of Alison's apartment.  I mean, I did promise her I'd make sure to keep her up so she wouldn't fall asleep too early!  Mission accomplished!

On Saturday...my cousin Boyd and wife Carol threw their annual crawfish boil!  It was nice seeing the same faces that we always see once a year, at the boil...and also spending time with my Aunt Mary and other cousins.  Dean and Holland even drove in from Austin!

Aunt Mary, Jennifer, friend of Boyd and Carol's (Julee) and Me

Their friends brought a margarita machine!  Both margaritas and frozen vodka lemonade.  Check out the custom label :)

It was my Uncle Jim's birthday on Saturday, so Jennifer and I sent him this picture to wish him a happy one, haha!

I know this just made his day :)

The night ended by Jennifer and I taking Claire and her slumber party rolling...it was so fun!

That would be Claire, at the top of the pyramid...haha!

Sunday.  We were completely worn out.  But by the afternoon, we I got some energy and we worked in the yard :)

It was a really good weekend!  I hope yours was too!!

Last photo....

I couldn't stand it any longer!  The waiting 10 minutes for my camera to pull up or 5 minutes for my phone to unlock!  The 4 had to go bye bye.  SP and I both traded our 4's in.  We got $118 each for our old phones and put it towards the purchase of the 5's!  These new phones are legit!

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