Our Weekend Fun!

1 - Sometimes Every time I am in the kitchen, SP says I have a favorite 4 letter word that constantly comes out of my mouth. He continues to run in to check on me b/c he says I make it sound like I'm struggling, really bad, and am in serious need of assistance (so I'm dramatic, so what!). The other morning I was making oatmeal on the stove. I ran away for just a second.  It was taking forever to boil, so I literally walked away for 2 seconds! When I came back...it had boiled over and had gone everyyyyyyywhere! You guessed it, that 4 letter word was flying out of my mouth! I got it cleaned up and we enjoyed our oatmeal, eventually. 

Two mornings later. SP decided he wanted to make us oatmeal. The man who always tells me I have the heat up too high, blah blah blah (so I'm impatient, so what!)...had THIS happen to him!!!!! I had to fight him to get this picture b/c he didn't want proof that he makes messes in the kitchen, too! Oh, and I'm nearly 100% confident that he had a 4 letter word coming out of his mouth, too :)

2 -  Alison always sends us a postcard when she goes somewhere cool. This one came from Taiwan. I love it! The picture is like a slide. You can see through it! And aren't those stamps pretty :)

3 - We've been enjoying our patio. Except for the bad allergens, it's been so nice out!

4 - Friday was a busy day. We neighbors sat out front for a little while. Then SP and I left for dinner. We went to FnG Eats in Keller. We were home early and crashed with the TV and lights on! Whoops!

5 - We didn't make it to the hospital to visit Asher on Friday, but when we went on Saturday we took him this Yoda doll! He LOVES Star Wars!

We got a balloon to tie onto Yoda's arm.  Asher loves balloons too!

He is doing great! We also went to see him yesterday (Monday) and he was in a great mood! He was riding around the floor in a little red wagon and talking to us. It felt good to see him feeling so much better.  

This kid has toys around at all times!
Check out his view!  He got a great room at Children's Medical.

6 - After visiting Asher, we met Cole and Shemele at the Rangers game!  We got last minute nose bleeds, but the weather could not have been more beautiful.  We had some time to kill after leaving the hospital before heading to the Ballpark, so we went to the patio at Black Friar for a beer and food!

This is a totally random thing that happened.  SP and I ordered a Stella, which is a typical beer of choice for us.  After that beer, we each ordered another one, separately, not hearing what the other ordered.  When the beers came out, we realized we had both decided to order a cider!  We NEVER order these.  It was so completely random and interesting that we both did it at the same time!

Delicious poblano and onion quesadillas!

We made it to the tailgate where Cole and Shemele were already there waiting for us!

These were garlic parmesan fries.  The smell was intoxicating.  The taste, TOO MUCH!
We didn't even eat half of these!!!  Oh, and I think we still smell like garlic!

7 - Can you believe how many doves are in our bird feeder???  I think there are 9! Hmmm, wonder where #10 is!

PS - While I've been sitting here typing this blog, SP has been in the kitchen making oatmeal again...I was literally just about to hit publish on this post when I heard, "Oh, SHIT!"....he apparently added cumin to his oatmeal instead of cinnamon, hahaha!!!!  HA.  HAHAHA!!!!

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