Sidney Loyd - 2 Months

August 6th was Sid's 2 month birthday! So hard to believe. Our little baby is growing up so fast already. I am completely amazed with the differences between one month and two months. He has matured so much and is just such a good baby! I love him so so much and I 100% mean it when I say I can't get enough of him!

In the last week or so we have really started to develop a routine around here. And the best part is that we can tell he is really thriving from it. We have been sticking to the E.A.S.Y. and N.A.P.S. idea.

E - Eat
A - Activity
S - Sleep
Y - You (as in Mommy and Daddy time)

...That's the routine, and the N.A.P.S. is a 90 minute sleep cycle that we are following. He's awake for 90 minutes, then sleeps for 90 minutes. We do this all day long! And it works! We originally wanted to do Moms On Call. And we still might use it one day, but I honestly had such a hard time with an exact schedule. I couldn't make the times work for Sid. We have basically fallen into a routine that is natural for us. The 90 minute routine helps because it doesn't matter what time he goes down, or eats, just as long as we keep him awake for 90 minutes, and then let him nap for 90 minutes. So if we get "off" on our times, it's ok!

Lately, he wakes up from a nap around 7:30pm and I feed him. This is the start of our night time routine. I make sure to always feed in the nursery for this feeding. I play nursery rhymes and keep the lights dim. Next, he takes a bath with Sean. He loves his bath! It never fails though, the second his feet hit that warm water...yep, he pees! And he just stares at Sean and I while we laugh at him. He obviously doesn't get what is so funny :) While Sean bathes him, I get everything set up in the nursery for bedtime. I then go help get Sid out of the tub. I wrap him up in his little towel and dry him off the best I can. Then Sean and I get him all ready for bed. Sometimes he is fussy during this time, but we are working on ways to help soothe him so it can be pleasant for him and not frustrating. I think a lot of it is the cold air when we unwrap him from the towel. Poor guy is just laying on that changing table semi-wet still! He is asleep and in his crib by 8:30! We have to bounce him on the exercise ball for a few minutes to get him drowsy before putting him down. I know, it's a bad habit. But really, he's so cute and snuggly. And when he looks up at me with those big eyes it melts my heart and I just can't put him down! Oh no, I'm in trouble already!

Sid sleeps until 5am! Love that! I get up and Sean usually is quick to follow. He likes to come see Sid and help us get set up. He then goes back to bed and shows back up 15 minutes later to change his diaper for me. Seriously? He's just about the awesomest :) (especially because it's usually a poopy one!). I'm back in bed by 6 and next thing I know, Sean and Sid are waking me up by 8:30. Someone is ready to eat by then :) That starts our day! It's a great little routine that works for the 3 of us. Sid wakes up so happy every morning! Those smiles are just about killer!!

The rest of the day, if we follow our 90 minute schedule, we have an essentially fuss-free baby! WooHoo!

Again, he is maturing with each passing day. We love him so much and are having the times of our lives getting to be his mommy and daddy. Sometimes, I just want to squeeze him. I don't, but I could. Well, maybe I do a little. You'd squeeze him too, I promise!

Happy 2 months, Sid! You are the light of our lives! And please don't hate me one day for this...

TERRIBLE! But, funny!!!! Oh my word! Tell me you don't want to squeeze him, ha!

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Linda said...

I LOVE this! It is reminding me again of how much I have always loved being a mother. I never had a fancy career and have had times when I thought less of myself for that, but now I remember the pure joy and how blessed I was to be at home with all three of my babies. You and Sean have really figured out what pure joy is. Love you all!