Farmers Market + Uncle Adam = A Good Weekend!

Two weekends ago, we ventured out to the Keller Farmers Market early Saturday morning with Sid's Nana and Grandpa. We got lucky down here in the state of Texas with some cooler temperatures for the weekend, so we tried to take advantage! As soon as I finished nursing him we all got dressed and out the door as fast as we could. We knew we didn't have a big window - for Sid or the cooler morning temps!

We bought all kinds of goodies! Grass fed ground beef, fresh eggs, tamales, pastries, hamburger buns, and fresh peaches! If it were up to SP, we'd of bought a whole lot more! I tried to tell him we can come back for more the following weekend :) He loves talking with the venders, which in turn makes him want to buy their product. They love people like him, ha!

Sid slept the whole time. I'm not even sure he is aware he went with us!
Mouth open, eyes shut. Interesting :)

The rest of the afternoon was spent at home getting things ready for Uncle Adam. Ok, truth, we didn't do much to get ready for him. But we were excited none the less! Adam wasn't able to make it into town until 7:30, which is Sid's bath time. We decided to skip the bath and let the two of them get acquainted. Sid was sleeping when he got here, so he got to go wake him up!

Instant buds!

We let Sid chill with us in his lounger while we ate dinner. We made hamburgers with the ingredients from the Farmers Market that morning. After dinner, we put Sid to bed and the rest of us stayed up a while watching Jimmy Fallon skits on YouTube.

The next morning Sean made us french toast and eggs! Yumm! Adam got more time with Sid, which was good because he was in a better mood on Sunday morning :)

Trying to wake up!

We had a great visit and can't wait to see Uncle Adam again over Labor Day. Then, Sid will get to meet his Aunt Christy! She wasn't able to make this visit. Thanks for making the drive for just one night Uncle Adam! We love you!

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