The Day Sid Busted Out of the Woombie!

Sid is a strong baby and was constantly busting out of the blanket swaddles. He even learned how to break free from the velcro swaddles. A friend told me about the Woombie and I instantly wanted to try it! This thing works like a charm! See for yourself...

I realize it looks a little scary, harsh, evil, cruel, whatever you want to call it. But I swear he loves it. He was just a little upset in this picture because he was ready to eat! He was getting impatient with me for wanting to take his picture first (guilty). He can still wiggle in this and he is able to keep his arms up by his side, which he really likes. We've been using this for a month and a half and only a few times has his little hand popped up around the neck...until today!

I put Sid down for his morning nap and carried the monitor into the office with my bowl of cereal. After about an hour, Sean and I heard him starting to wake up. When we looked at the monitor, this is what we saw!...

His entire ARM was busting out! No longer was it just his tiny fingers popping out, it was his whole arm! We both started laughing so hard. It always makes us laugh in general when Sid is laying in his crib just wide awake and not fussing. It's such a good thing to see, but it just makes us laugh and wonder how he is so content for so long sometimes. Anyway - I went in to stuff his arm back inside thinking maybe he'd fall back to sleep, but when I went in, this is what I got instead!

Are you dying from the cuteness? I couldn't hold my smiles and laughter in, so that in turn made him smile and, of course, NOT want to go back to sleep. I just couldn't stand it. I unswaddled him and that was the end of that nap. Those eyes and that smile...they get me every time!

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Blue-Eyed Bride said...

Cutie pie Houdini!! We loved the Woombie, too, after Hudson and Hayes busted out of the blankets. Love him grinning at you. Stinker!