I don't know what parents did without camera phones! I can't keep free space on my phone due to the constant pictures and videos I am taking of my very photogenic son!

Ok well maybe not photogenic in this picture, but tell me you didn't laugh? I made my whole family laugh a few weeks ago when Sid & I sent this picture text wishing them all a happy Friday!

Anyway, pictures and videos have taken over my iPhone! Here are some of my favorites over the last few weeks!

` We had just finished FaceTiming with Grammy...

` They love to lay on the floor together and cover up under a blanket while mommy thinks they are crazy! It's definitely not cold enough for one of those around here! 

` Mister serious!

` Ryan and Melanie finally got to come meet you!

` Playing on your mat for the first time. Your great Aunt Vida got this for you!

` Chilling in the bath! 

` Checking out daddy's bald spot! Just kidding daddy!!

` The day before getting his 2 month shots. Oh the horror!

` Sometimes naps on mommy are just the best! When daddy isn't home we can break the rules. Shhh, don't tell!

` Your first trip to Costco! When I asked SP why we were going down every aisle, he was quick to teach Sid that it's because that is what his Grampa would do with him! Boy is that ever true. My dad would spend hours and come out with way too much stuff that he didn't need, right mom?! Silly man!

` Sid got tired of Costco, so he and I went and sat in the car.

` He is about to outgrow our glider int eh nursery! Oh no! Long legged boy!

` Squirming out of daddy's lap. Grammy says he must be looking for her! (I agree! One more week until Grammy comes, woo!)

` What a face!

` And last but not least, the best video of Sid to date!

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