Margarita Mama!

When I was still pregnant, I would think about what I wanted my first drink post baby to be! I knew it had to be a margarita, at Anamia's, in Flower Mound, with  my cousins! This is one of the best margaritas ever and I missed it while being prego! When Jennifer, Carol, and Claire came over to see Sid a few weeks ago, I told them that before summer ended we had to make this happen. This past weekend...it happened! And it was perfect timing for this mama.

Poor Sid got his 2 month shots on Friday and boy was it rough. He screamed and cried so hard his face was the color of a fire engine. I cried, he cried, and daddy wasn't sure what to do! Sean swooped Sid out of my arms and took him outside and he instantly calmed down. Meanwhile, I'm still in the doctors office making his next appointment, trying to hold my tears back in front of the entire office, ah! I felt like I could have cried for days. Dramatic? I suppose. No, I didn't keep crying, but I sure could have! I saved the rest of my tears for when we got back home. 

For some reason I was in denial and thought my child would be different from all of the other children in the world. I was told by many people, including my own mother, that I should probably give him some Tylenol before putting him down for a nap. Well, stubborn me decided I thought he was going to be fine! I couldn't wrap my head around the idea of giving him medication before he needed it. One hour later - my sweet Sidney woke up in complete terror! This mama freaked, grabbed him out of the crib to comfort him. Nothing was working! I ran to my bedroom with him in my arms to find the medicine that I had purchased the day before at Target. Of course it was still in the bag, on the floor, all packaged up. I frantically got it open. Keep in mind I still had a verrrrrrry loud, in pain, baby wailing in my arms!!! I filled up the syringe, and tried to get it into his mouth. I could not get him calm. So what do I do? CRY! & call my mom! Who didn't answer! AH! Thankfully she called me right back, but I think we about gave her a heart attack because I was crying and Sid was screaming, and she couldn't understand a word I was saying. I finally calmed myself down enough to tell her what was going on. She suggested I go walk Sid outside to calm him down. She was right. We raced outside and he immediately started to get calm. After a few minutes, I came back in and got the remainder of the medicine into his system. Phew. What a total mess! What lesson did I learn? GIVE THE BABY MEDICINE AFTER HIS SHOTS! He ended up running 100.1 fever. And the rest of the weekend he stayed in the 99 degree range, but no more fussiness at least!

Needless to say, Friday was a rough one for me. I was really glad to have a margarita on Saturday night after that day. So on Saturday, Sean and I made plans to get to Flower Mound around 4:30, which was Sid's next feeding. Believe it or not, we made it on time and our plan was still in tact! 

We got to Greg and Jennifer's...I nursed...everyone else visited...we all loaded up...and to the restaurant we went! It was nice to get there early because it gets really crowded on Saturday nights.

I didn't even get halfway through the margarita before letting Sean know that I was already feeling tipsy and that he was going to have to be in charge of holding Sid, ha! This one drink lasted me through dinner. Sid was an angel baby and slept the entire time! I guess the loud restaurant was good white noise for him. After dinner, we went back to the Pope's. Sid woke up in a good mood and Jennifer fed him a bottle. It took him a minute to latch on because he hasn't had a bottle in a month, but once he did, he sucked down the 4 ounces in no time!

Please notice Claire petting Boyd's head in the background, haha!
Andrew and Claire holding Sid

We didn't leave Flower Mound until close to 8pm. Definitely threw Sid off. He was wide awake the entire way home, but he was so cute riding in the dark car with his eyes open wide! He fell right to sleep after I nursed him one last time when we got home. It was a really fun night, and Sean and I feel as though we were able to remove one side of our training wheels :) Sid did great!!! And it was a comfort knowing if he did happen to get upset, I had plenty of hands to help us with him.

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