Friday Photo Dump!

Happy Friday! Here are our favorites from this week :)

Daddy put my outfit on backwards!
Dinner at Hibachi w/ the Bolton's that ended in date night (Sid was
there, too!) because Sloane screamed under the table the whole time!
Trying on my hat before the pool
Not sure what to think about all the kids in the pool!
Hopefully the second attempt will be better! He was not a happy camper.
Snuggles with mama after a tiring day at the pool.
He's my most favorite little boy!
Tummy time!!
Starting to grab and touch things.
Those cute feet in super cute socks :)
Silly Sid faces 
Loving his mobile his mama and Grammy made for him.
"I want more milk! Don't take me away!" 
Happy Birthday, Daddy! 
Daddy wanted me to have a Cowboys outfit for his birthday.
The cuteness gets to me.
Mommy bathed me since daddy was away.
Silly milk drunk baby
Now we are hanging out waiting on Grammy and Louis to arrive!!! Hope you have a lovely weekend!

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