Halloween as a Train Conductor

When Sid was around 6 months old, we bought him this little blue and white striped hat. Every time he wears it, to this day - people always tell me he looks like a conductor! For Halloween, I saw no other option than for him to dress up as a train conductor. My mom found the costume on Pinterest and it couldn't have been easier to pull off!

Halloween fell on a Saturday this year. On Friday, we had Kindermusik and got to dress up for our class. It was so cute seeing all the little ones in their costumes.

By the time this next one was taken, Sid had ditched his hat and Graham had ditched his dinosaur costume all together! 

Sid and Graham chatting with The Kat in the Hat, aka, Mrs. Kat!

On Halloween, we went over to the Martyn's early for trick-or-treating. Sid and Graham enjoyed a moment of romping around in the yard before loading up in the wagon for a quick ride around the neighborhood. 

Graham was a way better wagon rider than Sid. If the wagon stopped Sid would start fussing to get out! Oh - and side note - I found a cute little painted wooden train that I attached to Sid's trick-or-treat bag, but I forgot to take a picture of it!

 The boys did great. Sid got scared one time. A man had a mask on and he didn't take it off as we approached (which I was sort of surprised about considering how little they were) but Sid freaked out! He got over it when the guy took the mask off and was very friendly. BUT - Sid did NOT want to get back in the wagon at that point. So what did he do instead?...

He found a pop pop in someone's yard, swore it was his, and started popping. I couldn't blame him! It's hard for a little guy to get excited about getting candy that he can't even eat! 

Happy Halloween!

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