Family Vacation - Days 2 & 3

Day 2

We all made it through our first night with good sleep. We woke up refreshed and way more relaxed than we were when we went to bed! Sid woke up at his usual time, 5:50 (we have been keeping him on central time, so it was 6:50 on the island). I got his usual breakfast made and then we headed out for his first footprints in the sand!! The sun was just starting to come up. It was perfectly beautiful.

First time putting those toes in the sand. 
"Waddugh!!" said Sid

We should've put him in his swimsuit but we hadn't planned on staying out too long or him getting wet. Both happened. O'well!

He took his usual morning nap. I couldn't believe how easily he went down. No fight what so ever!! When he woke up, it was raining. We had to sit out the rain before heading back down to the beach. This time in proper attire.

Reading a book on daddy's lap while waiting out the rain. 
I like whatever happened to this photo.
Once he discovered the water rushing up, there was no going back!
Happy & loving life :)
First time to plop down to play in the sand. 
He had the best time chasing all the birds!

We spent a good hour, maybe a little longer, outside playing. There was quite a bit of cloud coverage so it was perfect out. We ended with a dip in the pool to wash the saltwater off of us. We went in for lunch, and soon after we all three relaxed & took a nap.

Later that afternoon we ventured out to a few souvenir shops, the liquor store, and another grocery run. We needed to pick up some steaks for dinner :) When we got back to our condo we got dressed to go back down to the beach for sunset.

I didn't take my camera because I wanted to just enjoy the moment without a camera stuck in my face. This was great, except that the sunset was so beautiful all I could think about was wanting my camera :/ Technology has really ruined us! We bought Sid a little bucket with a shovel, and a small ball to play with on the beach. He thought it was really fun to fill his bucket with sand. Between that and needing to say "HI" with his standard hand wave, he was a very busy little boy!

Sean grilled steaks for us and I baked potatoes and made some broccoli. It was a little crazy trying to figure out how to light the grill bc it wasn't lighting on its own. He ended up finding a lighter in the front desk after asking the valet guy across the street for one.

We were tired. It was late by the time dinner was done. We went to bed.

Day 3:

We stuck to the same morning routine. Breakfast and then the beach! Sid was getting braver and braver each time we took him down to the water. It is so cool seeing him explore and experience things for the first time. The sand, the water, the waves, the sea gulls, the shells. He is a big fan of it all!

Chasing his ball, but don't worry, daddy was on the other side ;)
Has anyone seen Sid? (Kidding!)
Sleepy boy ready for his nap.
While Sid napped, Sean surprised me with breakfast outside :)

After Sid's morning nap, we went to the North part of the island (about a 9 minute drive) for lunch. The lady at the souvenir shop told us to go to Rod & Reel Pier. It was a great experience. We sat out on the water and got to watch the fishermen fish off the dock.
We went back to the car to get the stroller - I'm sure you can
see why! (NO RAILING!)
Here fishy, fishy
Pretty bird
We sat next to a table with two German men. They were extremely friendly and loved playing with Sid, who of course gobbled up all the attention.

Silly silly!

During his afternoon nap Sean and I took the monitor to the pool for a quick dip. 

Feeling rebellious b/c we weren't in our condo while Sid napped. 

Once he woke up, we watched the Rangers lose to Toronto :( , and we FaceTimed with Grammy. The sun was blazing and it was way too hot for our little guy (& his mama!). He was also heavily entertained by playing peek-a-boo around the curtains.

Once the sun started to set, we hit the beach again. This time I took my camera. There were no clouds, so though it was no doubt a spectacular sight, the pictures didn't turn out great. O'well. I will forever have the image of our first sunset together on our first family vacation engraved in my mind.

Trying to wind down before bath. Silly boy having fun!
Sid went down for bed and we ordered take out from Hurricane Hank's. Local CHEERS type of bar & pub. I got chargrilled shrimp with rice & veggies and Sean got wings! Both very good. We hung out with a glass of wine before going to bed. We somehow started watching weird science experiment YouTube videos - like - how to make ocean waves in a bottle. Don't ask! We were talking about one of Sid's toys and that's where it took us. Odd, but entertaining nonetheless:)

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