The Pumpkin Patch

A few weekends ago we took Sid to the pumpkin patch in Grapevine. Our friends, the Martyn's, were going with their son Graham, so we thought it'd be fun to tag along. I'm so glad we did because Sid had the best time. The weather was beautiful. We got there earlier enough before it got too hot that afternoon.

Sid thought all the pumpkins were balls. I mean, they are round and rolly ;)

They had little toy tractors for the kids to ride. Sid couldn't actually turn the peddles, but he sure did love to sit on them.

He had a blast running all around the pumpkin patch!

I caught him for a few posed pictures!

This is one of my favorites because he has his pointer out. We always laugh at him because the boy always has his pointer out and ready. When we go for walks, he strolls with his finger in this position so that he doesn't miss pointing at anything! And when I go in to get him from a nap, he is usually sitting up in his crib and the second the door opens, he points to show me something! It's so dang cute :)

He absolutely loved the big tractor! And...pointing to the tires, of course!

Sid might be small, but no pull cart or wagon is too much for this kid! He literally walked up to any wagon he saw, no matter whose it was, and started to attempt to pull it. He was just lending a helping hand ;) 

This lady however, wasn't too excited about Sid trying to hijack her wagon! She didn't want to let go!

I missed him pulling it - he's so quick!
Cruising all around the pumpkin patch, and pointing to everything!
Our little cutie!
Yep, still pointing :)

This is my favorite of the tiny tractor pictures! Sid is on a Kubota, which is the same type that his Grammy and Grampa have up on the mountain. He felt most comfortable on this one, considering he's ridden a Kubota lots of times ;)

That's our friend Vince and his son Graham in the background.
He kept going back to this tire. 
Sid and Graham playing tractors.

Last but not least, the best family shot we could get!

We really had an awesome time. It was so much fun watching Sid run around freely and explore all the tractors and pumpkins. He loved the freedom and getting to play outside. Unfortunately, a few days later he came down with a stuffy nose. That darn hay :( Happy Fall, y'all :)

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