Family Vacation - Last Day on Anna Maria Island

Day 4

We started this morning off with a stroll down the beach. It never even occurred to me to bring our stroller out on the beach until I saw another family do it! It worked out great because it was hard to take a walk with Sid on foot. I collected a few seashells and we got to watch the sun come up over the beach. He loved being up close to all the birds on the beach.

We went back in for breakfast and then it was nap time. As soon as he woke up we hit the beach! The water was perfect on this day. Very calm, with no white caps. We were able to put his pool float in the ocean and oh my gosh, he absolutely loved it! He got to feel the waves lift him up and back down, we played motor boat with him (he tried but ended up drinking the water - yuck!).

Sean kept splashing bubbles to tickle Sid. He loved it!

We ventured back on to the beach where he played with his bucket and had a quick snack.

I was amazed at how much he was content just sitting on my lap on the beach. I guess with all the people and other things to look at he was totally happy just sitting still. We built a tiny sandcastle with a moat. He had fun getting the water from the ocean to fill it with. Eventually our castle turned into some silly face. Then later, once we were inside, I looked out to see that some man had stuck his beach umbrella right in the middle of our creation!!! Ha! O'well :)

Unsure. A Cool Hippo maybe?

We ate lunch in the condo and then we ran to the Island Trader souvenir shop so I could get us a Christmas ornament for our tree to help us remember our first family vacation :) Then it was nap time! While Sid napped, Sean and I got busy packing our stuff and getting showered and ready for our family photo session we had that evening during sunset.

I found a photographer 2 weeks before our trip on Instagram. It took me that entire time to figure out our outfits and even on this day, one hour before photos I was going over it in my head - wondering if I brought anything else that would be better. Omg! I drive myself cray!!! The pictures turned out better than I could've ever imagined! Here is a quick preview...

Photo by Everence Photography

After our pictures we got Sid ready for bed and then picked our last meal on the island, from Lobstah's. I finally got my gulf shrimp that I love! They were massive and I was in seafood heaven! 

We called it a night after one last Pina Colada. We had to be out of our condo by 10 the next morning.

Our last night on our patio enjoying the sunset.

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