Wood Class & It's Friday!

Happy Friday, friends :)  This morning SP and I took our first Wood class.  At Sunstone, there are 6 different types of classes.  All are done in 90 degree heat with 60% humidity except for 2 (Fire & Earth...neither of which we've tried yet!). I think Wood is defined by hell a CRAZY GOOD CORE WORKOUT!  It is designed to improve your overall performance with a fusion of yoga and Pilates.  Y'll, this class about killed us.  It was so intense!  It's pure core basically.  And let me tell you,  my core, as well as my hips and any other muscle in my body might just collapse if I try to stand right now, ha!  The best part was that we did get our favorite instructor, Jennifer.  She is so cool and she knows us now and really helps us out.  So we moaned and groaned and even laughed a little, through this hour long workout.  Oh, this was funny....we had been in there for a good 10-15 minutes doing what I thought was hard...only to hear her say, for those of you new to this class, that was just our warmup....WHAT!  You know the phrase, "you have to laugh at yourself b/c you'd cry your eyes out if you didn't"....exactly!

We finally finished and afterwards, talked to Jennifer outside of class and she said we should try to shoot to attend this Wood class once a week (I would have laughed again if she had said more than that, ha!).  So....with that, SP and I will do our best to make this hard-core class every Friday!  Wish us luck.  I think it will be a great way to start the weekend.  Now if we don't make it Sat or Sun I won't feel so guilty :)

My sweet friend Lacy sent me this cute new hot yoga outfit!  I have done all of her graphics work for her new Bikram yoga studio, and I've always made her talk to me about hot yoga so many times over the past year, I think she was SO HAPPY when I finally told her I was trying it, she wants to support my new habit in the cutest way she knows how!  Look what she sent me from her studio!!!!

She knows my favorite color is green, so she made sure to incorporate that color into my new yoga attire :)  Thank you so much Lacy!  I <3 you!!!  The fabric is a-ma-zing!  It's made by Onzie and Lacy swears it will be the best thing I've worn in the hot room yet!  Tomorrow just might be the day to try it out!

Happy Friday, friends!!!!

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