Happy Friday!

Heyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!   I started my morning off with a nice sweaty core yoga class. My back is now hurt so bad and I'm not sure I can move...far.  I think I can make it out front to chill with the neighbors soon though :)

It's been a fun week around here.  Spring Break has been in full swing.  It's allowed for a little less yoga and a little more sunshine and fun :)

Here's the breakdown.

... After yoga last Friday, we went to dinner with Sean's parents at my favorite new local place, Mo'Fish.  I love this place!  I sort of want it right now!

After dinner we ran by the Parks' b/c Jack wanted to share some drink with us.  I was not a fan and ended up pouring it into Jack's glass after this picture!  It was a very strong...something.

...  Saturday we went to my cousin's in Flower Mound for a crawfish boil!  SP and I woke up early Saturday morning and drove down to the stockyards to pick up the fish.  We also got some yummy, mexican breakfast tacos at the Taqueria.  It was a rainy day, but nothing could stop us from kicking back and boiling some crawfish and drinking some beer!  Cousin Jennifer made her famous Pope Poison and I was lucky to find m favorite Abita Strawberry beer!  It was an awesome day that ended in the hot tub just before the storm hit!

Pope Poison in the making :)

Zach, Andrew, Greg, Sean and Boyd

...  The rest of the week has been spent working a little and playing a little.  We might have sat out front and had a few brew-skies on more than one occasion?!  I'll let you be the judge...

Dolls.  Everywhere!  A little freaky!!
Okie dokie...it's about that time.  The time to head out front w/ a drink in hand!  I hope you're having an amazing Friday, wherever you are!!!

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Linda said...

I have relived so many happy times by reading your blog and I am thankful that you take the time to express your sweet life through your words and your pictures. This is a treasure that will grow more valuable each and every day. You are doing a beautiful job with this. :)

I love Lucy!