Last Weekend...Catch Up!

Catch up post!

Last Friday we did our usual "Fire Pit Friday"!  We sat out for a little while, then people went their separate ways by dinner time...well, sort of!  Kenzie wanted to call her Nana to see if she and Brenley could come stay the night!  She did what any good Nana would do..."Of course! I'll come pick y'all up!"  So with that, Shemele, Cole, SP and I headed out to dinner!  It's not every day they get to have a sitter on a Friday night!  We went to El Paseo in Keller and had margaritas and mexican food!

I texted this to my neighbors that I was outside waiting on them.
They were late getting out there so I was alone.  drinking.  outside.
IN THE FRONT...but only for a few minutes, ha!
Blankets + Fire = Warmth!
Margarita #1
Margarita #2 :)
Saturday was full of lounging, a baby shower for Courtney, and nail painting!

Then on Sunday, I did a little decorating :)

Not a very good picture.
I added a picture above the bed and bought new nightstand lamps.
Still need to find fabric for the body pillow!

Found a few new pictures to hang :)
I also spent the day nursing my hurt shoulder from Fridays yoga class :(  Oh, and my fever blister that I woke up with :(

Happy to report a week later, shoulder is much better and fever blister is almost gone :)

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