Plants and Friends

Sean was able to take the entire day off Saturday!  He pushed all of his appointments to Sunday.  This made for a great afternoon together. We cleaned and planted and ate :)  We were at Home Depot by noon buying lots of plants and herbs. We got to eat lunch at Baja's and enjoy some nachos and a beer :)  We came home and I finished cleaning the house and he got busy planting!  I had Kelly and Jenn coming over for a slumber party later that evening!

Pink Carnations!!!!
Petunia + Sweet Potato Vine
Succulents in the bathroom
Mexican Heather in the front pots 
Lavender in the bedroom
Herbs on the dining table
More succulents in an old milk carrier my dad bought us during one of his
Flea Market hunts.  He always finds the neatest planters!

I told SP he had to be out of the house by 6:30 and couldn't come home until we were close to going to bed!  Jenn came over around 4 and then we headed to Southlake to meet Kelly for manis and pedis!  After that, we went to Pei Wei to get takeout.  We indulged in a glass of wine while waiting on our food :)  On our way home I called SP to tell him to leave, and to my surprise, he was already gone!  I just knew leaving him home still outside working in the yard at 4, there was NO WAY he would be gone!  But, he surprised me.  It was the day everyone was celebrating St. Patrick's Day, so he had already made his way to Bronson Rock with some friends to par-take in a little day drinking.

We girls arrived back at the house and enjoyed our dinner at the dining table with some red wine.

Next, we popped open some pink champagne and hit the patio!  The weather was beautiful and it was the perfect night to turn on the music and relax in our rocking chairs :)  We only came in to grab a yummy bundt cake that I bought for our dessert...

We stayed out there all night!  Well, that was until Kelly decided it would be hilarious (which it was) to go put all of SP's open house signs in our front yard for when Sean got home that night!  Not only did she have this idea, but her next idea was to all ride my bike up and down the street.  HA!  Some things will never change...or shall I say Kelly will never change :)  She always has some sort of crazy idea to spice things up.  When we were little, she used to put all of my shoes on top of my fan and then turn it on so that the shoes would go flying through my room!  Oh my gosh it would make me so upset!  But she thought it was the funniest thing ever!  Sean definitely got a good laugh out of seeing his signs all over the yard :)

These pictures didn't turn out too well, but you get the idea...

Kelly & Jenn switching turns on the bike

We had such a nice visit just geting to hangout like old times.  We girls have been friends our entire lives.  That is not something that comes around everyday and I feel so lucky I have them to share life with.

Slumber party aftermath :)

Big thanks to Devin and Ben for watching your girls for the evening, and a big thanks to SP for being ok with getting kicked out of your house for a while :)  When can we do it again, hehe :)

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