I LOVE FRIDAY!  All of them, they are the best!
Here's what we've been up to this past week.

1.  Lots of yoga!  I had to skip Monday b/c of my shoulder injury and SP went without me. He went to the hotter class, called Fire (it's 98.6 degrees w/ 60% humidity).  He loved it!  I'm still not sure about it, ha! So other than Monday, I've gone every day this week.  He skipped yesterday b/c we are trying to keep our # of classes the same b/c at 10 classes, we get a 10-class Focus Wristband!  We want to receive them together in class :)  So Monday we will get it!  Our next Focus Wristband won't come until 25 classes!  It's a goal to set, and something to look forward to!  Each band has a different meaning and something to focus on and work towards.  It's cool too b/c you can look around and see others wearing them, and depending on which color they wear, you know their level!

About to get sweaty!
Officially sweaty.

2.  Cooking!  We cooked some yummy food this week :)  I made tortilla soup on Monday afternoon and we ate on it all week!  We made salmon, asparagus and tomatoes, and we made yummy shrimp on the barbie with veggies!

Roasted in the oven w/ EVOO, S & P
Table set :)
We had some chicken in the mix, too :)
I could eat this meal every week!  SO.GOOD.
Relaxing while SP cleans the kitchen :)
Yes mom, I do help! So don't say what you're thinking!

3.  We made a few green drinks!  These consist of spinach, kale, apples, celery, cucumber, and ginger.  Squeeze of lemon if you have it.  They are actually really good.  Believe it!

4.  We discovered we have a missing glass!  We are supposed to have 4 of these, and I realized we are down to 3.  I have NO CLUE what happened to the 4th one.  Ugh!

5.  I got the TEAM TRAYLOR T-shirts ordered for everyone who will be in Houston for my dad's surgery on April 1!  Adam designed them, I tweaked them, and then ordered them :)

There is a story behind the cow!
The purple shirt is for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness!
You can find out about the cow story here.  Scroll down to where you see SP holding a ceramic cow to get the story.  It's a long post so you might not want to read the whole thing!

6.  We've gotten looooots of houses under contract this week!  YAY!

7.  Unfortunately we are not able to head to Arkansas for a weekend on the mountain with the family this weekend :(  Adam and Christy are going.  Her first time on the mountain!  I so wish we could be there, but work calls.

8.  Since we are missing out on the road that travels to Arkansas this weekend....we are going to have a crawfish boil with all the cousins in Flower Mound!  It's that time of year!

9.  The above reminds me that I must get in the car and go searching for Abita Strawberry beer!  It's so good and goes awesome w/ crawfish!  It's practically impossible to find it in TX!  The second it hits the shelves it is GONE!

10.  SP and I will be heading to yoga at 4 today!  It's wood class again.  YIKES!  Did I mention I was so sore last weekend I could hardly move.  My hamstrings JUST GOT less-tight yesterday!  Regardless, it's a good workout to end the week.  Just in case you don't make it back into the hot room for the rest of the weekend :)

Happy FRIDAY everyone!

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