A list of things

1.  I so enjoyed having my parent's stay for 4 nights at the end of August.  That back bedroom was beginning to collect a lot of dust w/o them coming every so often.

2.  SP and I ordered this bed from Crate&Barrel.  It will be this color, but the legs will be honey colored.  We ordred it in August.  They told us 8-10 weeks (boo).  I called a week ago to check on something else and they then informed me it would be December due to fabric unavailability.  Tear :(

3.  We have had our new king mattress on the floor for almost 3 weeks now.

4.  So glad I ordered a metal bedframe to put it on in the interim.  Tonight will be our first night off the "floor" in weeks!  I can actually put bedding back on my bed now, yay!

5.  After 3 failed attempts at Michaels to try and get our framing job done properly, we finally got it hung!  I really love it.  This is a poster that has been in my closet for years.  I finally found a spot for it :)

6.  We are headed to Austin this weekend for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Networks 5k fun run/walk! My parent's are joining, as well as my brother Adam, my cousin John, and a few friends :)

7.  My parent's are doing great so far in Houston.  My dad has gotten through a round of chemo and 3 days of radiation.  So far so good!!  This makes me very happy.

8.  FOOTBALL!!!!  GEAUX TIGERS!!!  This Saturday will be game #3 and my 2nd one to watch with the my tiger team (ie my family!!!)  This is so great considering we all live in different states :)  I don't like the circumstances, but I like that my parent's are living in TX right now :)

9.  My friend from grad school is starting a Bikram Yoga studio in Columbia SC at the end of the month.  I've been doing all of her graphics work so far, and this week she sent me these pictures of my designs.  Pretty cool!!!

10.  This past weekend was a little crazy.  My neighbor Shemele and I got dropped off in the Stockyards by her husband at 3:30 in the afternoon on Saturday!  We were interested in live music and the boys weren't ready to join.  So we went alone!  They came back around 8 and took us to dinner!  It was a really fun day.  Cole (Shemele's husband) dropped us off with these large bottles of water!

Beer or Water??  Hmm..

11.  On Sunday, the Bears played.  SP and I always go to a bar not far from here to watch with his dad and a huge Bears watch party.  It was fun, but I was EXHAUSTED after my long day Saturday.

You can see how tired I am here :(

12.  I LOVE getting to FaceTime with my buddy!!!

Here is the best part!  Shawn + Ian have a diaper changing routine that has somehow turned into a very silly game.  It goes something like this....

13.  After that video, what could there possibly left to say!!!  

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