Front Yard Landscaping

We spent a lot of time in our front yard last week.  We have always hated the look of our front bed, so we finally decided to make a move and get it looking better.

Here are some pictures of the process.

This is before removal, but after doing some trimming.  Sean has always hated the 2 rose bushes on either end, and I have always hated the front smaller shrubs.

Sean got busy removing some things...both rose bushes gone and a few of the front shrubs :) 

While he was busy removing, I was busy cutting the stuff down so we could fit it in our yard trimmings bag to set out for trash pick up.  Yes, we compost, but this was WAY more than our compost can hold right now!

Next, we bought some mums, daffodil bulbs, and some texas sage (my favorite)!  We started by laying it all out and making sure we liked it.

SP planted the texas sage, and I planted the daffodil bulbs and the mums.  Texas sage is a TX native, so even though it will not have purple blooms year round, it will still have a nice pretty greenish white glow in the bed.  And mums will come back every year!  And so will the daffodils :) (assuming I planted them correctly and they will pop up!

Purple and Gold are GOOD colors :)
Bulbs in the ground
So pleased with how it all turned out.  It's so nice seeing some color up there!  Now I just hope those bulbs show their beauty this Spring :)

The blue potted plant on the left is now in the backyard :)
Next up, stone!  I have really always wanted to outline our beds with some natural stone.  I just think it looks so much better and more finished.

Friday afternoon, we headed out west to a nursery to find our stone.  We knew it was supposed to rain, but we didn't realize it was going to dump on top of us before we were finished!

It was sort of fun being out there watching the rain move in!
This is the coloring we chose

We had to lay out what we thought looked like the correct size.  We forgot to measure :)

We estimated pretty well!
When we got back with the stone, it was still raining.  We wanted to finish this project so bad, we decided to do it in the rain :)  I put on my rain boots and hat and we went at it!

That's me, in the picture.  Don't I look FAB?

The finished product!

I think finishing this project in the rain just added the finishing touch :)  It made it that much more fun.  When is the last time in your adult life you went and played in the rain?!  We finished the day off with beer in the driveway with the neighbors, and then we even managed to get ourselves looking presentable enough to go grab dinner with SP's parent's.  Hope your Friday was as fun as ours!!

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