Aaron & Katie Richie's Wedding Reception in TX

Two of SP's best friends got married a few months ago by eloping to an island in the Caribbean.  They celebrated with friends this past Saturday on Lake Lewisville.  We met on the dock at 12 for a Mi Cocina catered lunch, then we boarded the Chamonix II, which is a 70 ft catamaran, for an afternoon of a whole lot of fun!  The boat had a slide off the back, and also HUGE rafts for us all to float on together in the water.  I think at some point there were even golf balls being hit off the back!  

Party Boat!!

Pier 121, Lake Lewisville
Me, Melanie White, Kelly Smith, Shelby DeLoach, Katie (the bride) Richie, Lori Hooper, Jaime Rabroker

Me + Mel after lunch

Aaron (the groom) Richie, John Rabroker, Ryan White,  SP, Aaron Hooper, Brad Smith

Ready to board the boat!  It was hot!

Here we go!!!
SP and I after floating in the lake for hours :)

Mel loves me...A LOT!

Lots of catching up with friends :)

Best Friends!

Me + Shelby scheming something, I'm sure!

Everyone off the boat!  Lori, Jaime, Me

Katie prancing back to the party after saying goodbye to some folks

Love this guy!

We had such a great day, Saturday.  It was so nice being with so many friends and catching up.  We are ready to do it again!   


Blue-Eyed Bride said...

it looks like SO much fun!! miss you so much!

Linda said...

You guys all look so happy to be hanging out together. What a great idea!

Linda said...

Great pictures. You are a fun group!