Week 3 : Run 2

This morning SP and I woke up around 7am to get our workout over with because we had a busy day helping my mom and dad get settled in Houston.

We rolled up to the Rice campus around 7:20.  Such a beautiful location for a run.  They have a jogging path that goes around the campus.  It is sand and tiny pebbles.  Such a better feeling than running on pavement, I have to say.

Running alongside cars and a busy city street is definitely a different experience than running through our quiet neighborhood at night or even the trails in Keller that we sometimes take.  I had no choice but to step up my game, because people were watching (at least I felt like they were!).

The run went good.  My second 3 minute run I was dragging a bit, but I got through it.  It was so humid though.  I was literally dripping sweat by the end of it.  Awesome.

Ok, I don't have much else to say tonight.  We have been at MDA since 3:30 and it's 9:15 now.  My dad is still back getting his CT scan done and we are all sitting glossy eyed in the waiting room.  Sean is in the middle of his Fantasy Football Draft, and my mom, Uncle Jim and I are again, glossy eyed.  Ready for bed.

Rest well my friends!  We will be back at MDA bright and early at 8:30am.  Sheesh!

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Lindsey said...

I like the new name of the blog!!