Week 3 : Run 0 - zilch - notta!

Let me start this post by showing you how I really feel.......


We got back from Houston on Thursday, which was supposed to be run day, but after traveling and going non stop in Houston, we were completely exhausted!  Then Friday rolled by, and we missed that opportunity as well!  Saturday morning came and you betcha, we were out early in the beautiful weather.

I finish my warmup walk and head into my 90 second interval run.  I was fine through the run, but shortly after, my calves completely locked up.  I tried to stretch them, walk a little more, nothing was helping so I had to hobble back to the house.  I was NOT a happy camper!

So I went on about my day, rather annoyed b/c I really wanted to exercise.  For those of you who workout, you know the feeling.  Once you start it's hard to stop and when you do stop, you feel awful! SP and I ran some errands then came back home.  We He worked in the yard and I sat out and enjoyed the fantastic afternoon.  Seeing as how I was still in my running gear, I refused to give in and decided to take off running and give it another shot.  I was able to run for a few minutes, and the second I stopped....BAMM!  Total lockage of the calfage (yes, I made that word up!) again.  So here I am, hobbling back to the house with SP shaking his head at me in the front yard as I approach.

I wrote my cousin who is a runner.  She told me to ice them and told me of an exercise to start doing to help stretch/strengthen them.  I've been doing that and using a roller to roll them out and today is the first day I feel remotely normal again.

SP and I went for a long walk last night and I survived, but he wouldn't let me run.  I sure hope I can get control of this b/c it's NO FUN!

My dad has decided to join us in the 5k this weekend!  He has been walking for the past few weeks and they are only a few hours from Austin now (w/ them living in Houston for the moment).  We have created quite the crew!  Only one member of our team is a real runner, so I'm thinking w/ my terrible calf problems, I might just suck this 5k up to a nice stroll through downtown Austin!

I plan on picking my training back up by next week for sure!  Right now my goal is to not be injured to where I can't at least walk in the 5k this weekend!!!

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