Bye Bye Velma...Hello Wilma!

It's been the talk around our house a lot lately.  Maybe even longer than what qualifies as "lately"....for a LONG TIME!  My poor Velma has just turned a bit, well...ok.  I'll just say it... "ghetto"!!  The fabric on the inside of the roof was starting to fall down, the leather on one of the seats got destroyed by rain, and just other small things, like OIL LEAKS!  It was time.  She has 7 years on her and almost 80 thousand miles.

This past week, we said goodbye to Velma...

And hello to Wilma :)  My new Volvo S60!

We test drove the XC90 SUV, but when it was all said and done, I've just decided for now, I'm a sedan sort of girl :)  Welcome to our Volvo loving family, Wilma.

Velma, I will miss you.  You were a good car (well, until you had to be in the shop the entire month before our wedding last year!).  Just a little added stress :)  Bye bye, Velma!!!

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