Escarpment Weekend

We spent last weekend on the Escarpment (i.e. the mountain, i.e. my parent's house).  We had so much fun and did so many things!  The easiest way to tell the story is through our pictures and video!  Here it goes....

We didn't know until late Thursday night that SP's parents were going to get up Friday and leave at 5:30 AM!!!  We were not on that plan, however :)
We are always scrambling trying to get out of the house and hit the road!  We made it out the door by 11!  A little late for us, but not too bad! 

We made it in time to relax outside for a bit with a G & T enjoying the fall(ish) weather before warming dinner up.  I made Tikka Masala for dinner on Friday night.  I don't have a picture of the actual meal, but here it is slow cooking away in the crock pot.  This is one of those comfort food meals that smells your whole house up (in a good way).   I didn't want my mom to try and worry with planning dinner on Friday since she had been at work all day. 

Saturday morning, we met Jack and Sheryl on the square (downtown Bentonville) for the Farmers Market.  There is a crêpe food truck that Sheryl was DYING to try!  We stood in line for what seemed like FOREVER to get a tasty treat :)   

Making the crêpes, oh my!
Sean + Me + His parent's (Sheryl + Jack)

SP enjoying his crêpe :)  We split a Crêpe au Jambon avec Fromage. 
We missed you DC family, SCT + AZT :(
This is a project Team Traylor has been working on in honor of my dad's battle with Pancreatic Cancer.  Once launched, I will be back with more info, and hopefully you too will be wearing one of these bracelets proudly!

Journey into Tranquility bracelets.  GEAX TEAM TRAYLOR
After satisfying our bellies, we headed to the little neighboring town of Rogers, AR.  The girls went shopping while the men found the nearest restaurant/bar for a nice cold beer and some Olympic watching (little did they know what was on air was the baton twirling, HA!)  After hitting up a few antique stores, we met them for lunch.  Pizza, wings, and salad :)  What a combo!  After lunch, it was time to get the grouch  my dad :) back to his chair for an afternoon siesta.  

The rest of the day was spent relaxing and prepping dinner in celebration for SP's birthday which is this coming Saturday!  The men all took naps, Sheryl read her book on the front porch while watching the hummingbirds and other creatures.  And my mom and I got dinner in the works.  
Shrimp be a boilin' in da pot

I couldn't resist the temptation of trying a few!  They are my favorite!
We made an apple pie from scratch!!

Pie filling

My mother very proud of her pie crust.  She is not usually very successful w/ crust from scratch.  No, I'm not being mean.  She says it herself!
She was a little excited about her accomplishment!  Can you tell??...

Before dinner, we got the itch to drink some vino and play a board game!  It's called The Logo Game.  SO. MUCH. FUN!  

FLT + Adam + Me 

Good times for everyone!
Time to eat!  We had John Besh's Boiled Shrimp with Remoulade Sauce (I will post this recipe later.  It's seriously the best!!) steak, potato and salad.  It was a feast!  And a quite tasty one!

We ate them all, minus 6, which SP and I fought over in the kitchen Sunday afternoon!

My mouth waters every time I look at this picture!
After dinner, SP opened his gifts from everyone (except me b/c I'm making him wait until tomorrow, his actual birthday).  My dad and my husband have a very strange idea of gift giving.  Only their sense of humor can really grasp, so it works out great for the 2 of them!  The video I took is way too long to post, but I have shortened it a bit.  This was my favorite part!

This was attached to the box

His loot.  A tacky pillow, a pair of flashy shoes, a bowl, 2 figurines, and a sippy cup.  WOW, Dad!

Next up was my brother Adam, who is known as the Poet Laurette.  He always writes awesome poems to keep our team full of energy during Tiger Season!  

After all the gift giving, it was time for the Rustic Apple Pie!!!

SP doing another jig! 
The whistle that he continued to blow all night long, was a silly gift my mom gave him.  He LOVED it!

Nothing better than birthday pie with a scoop of blue bell ice cream on top :)
Whew.  I'm exhausted just writing about all of this!  We all slept really well after all this fun on Saturday!

Sunday AM, we had delicious locks and bagels that Jack and Sheryl brought.  Then they hit the road, and Adam followed shortly behind.  SP and I stuck around for one more night.

Yes, one more story...
My dad wasn't feeling much like socializing on Sunday, so my mom, SP and I got out of the house a little bit so he could have some peace and quiet.  We went to a Flea Market that my mom had been eyeing and had never been to before.  Of course, after all the things my dad got Sean the night before, SP's wheels were turning on what he could get my dad back with!

Well, here it is...

A COW!  But not just any cow....

SP had a hard time handing this one over.  He became quite attached. 

The instructions with this cow are, my dad is to take his cow down to Houston when they leave in a week for radiation.  It is to rest on his nightstand through this next step of our fight!  Why you ask?  Because this cow is going to KICK CANCERS ASS!!!!!

Great weekend, family!  
XO :)

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