Birthdays and Chicken Shit

We had such a fun weekend!...here it goes....

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Friday night we went to Dallas for Alison's 30th bday celebration.  We went to Vino 100 and had wine, wine, and dessert :)  Sean and I got to see lots of people that we enjoy hanging out with, but don't get to see very often.  The drama of the night came when Alison went to open her birthday present from me.  I found her a real, framed butterfly at a flea market in Ft. Worth a month or so ago.  She has started collecting these and when I saw it, I knew she had to have it!  We sit down on the sofa with the gift, but then she sees someone she needs to get up and say bye to.  In the process, the gift falls off the sofa!  I hear it smash to the ground and I think the glass in the frame is broken.  Nope, even worse!  The entire center part of the body of the butterfly was laying in the bottom of the frame :((  I think I almost cried!  But we were laughing hysterically!  I didn't get a picture of this tragedy, but she said it's now hanging in her bathroom and she loves it!  Bodiless and all, HA!

SP + I

Me and the birthday girl

Really fun group!
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Instead of Sunday funday, we had a Saturday funday!
This is what we did....

Chicken Shit Bingo!

Our neighbors, Cole & Shemele, invited us to the Ft. Worth Stockyards to play the above mentioned!  OhMyGoodness!  It was hilarious!!!  Shemele and I got there a few (ahem) hours early to get a table for our crew.  When we got there, we found out in order to get a bingo card, we had to rack up a $15 bar tab.  Beers @ $2.50 each, that's too many for me!  Luckily they let us use one tab until others got there to help us :)  Here is how the day went...

Shemele and I drank beer

More people showed up, and we drank more beer

They brought the chicken out, and we waited for it to...you know....
The band was so much fun!  They were extremely interactive.  They played everything from John Anderson to The WHO.   I was hoping the chicken was going to (you know) on the 2 of Diamonds b/c that was the card I picked, but instead, he did his biz on the 4 of Hearts, which meant the whole bar got a shot!

It was nice the hubs took a break from working on the weekend :)

After the 3 round of chicken you know bingo...it was time to go.

We headed to the Cowtown Chow Down food truck park!  It was so fun and tasty.  It was BYOB, so on our way, we stopped by the convenient store to get some more beer.  Shemele and I waited in the car while Cole and Sean went in.  Next thing we know, they came out with THIS for us....

I have a feeling they were probably right : // 
I didn't get a picture of us at the food truck park, I'm pretty sure I was only focused on one thing at that point, and it was eating.  Not picture taking!   We ordered some street tacos and a chicken fried steak panini wrap.  Oh gosh, delish!
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Sunday....we laid on the couch :)

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